On Clumsiness And Being Careful What You Wish For…

Earlier this week, I was mad blogging about the Hay Festival, books, authors and the rain. I could only wish for enough free time to read all the books I have lined up on my coffee table and Kindle app. Today, the sun is shining, and while I should be sitting at the How The [Read On]

A View of Hay

My brain is reeling with so much going on here in town, so I thought I’d post a few pictures of Hay dressed up for the Festival and Jubilee, as well as a few random shots of the Festival itself, taken quickly between the kidlings tired whinges.  THIS way!  It was a busy day on [Read On]

Leave your Diet At the Door.

I will confess – I am a long time WeightWatchers member. I had some success with it after the birth of my second child. And again when we moved to the UK and I discovered NEW comfort foods like sausage rolls and lemon madeira cake as I settled in. But always….something happens – a holiday, [Read On]

No Separation Anxiety Here

One of our local pubs has had this sign posted outside their front patio. I think it is brilliant. I’d say it is a marketing #win.

If Only Someone Had Told Me

Yesterday was the second time in not so many weeks that my daughter threw up on me/the wall/the carpeting. Coincidentally, I also recently was told “I’m not really into kids, so I can’t even imagine dealing with them when they are throwing up.” And it struck me…. There are many things they (doctors, nurses, books) [Read On]

About the Time Pea Got Carsick….and a Giveaway

Well, I’m sure that got your attention. My daughter is a fantastic car-traveller – or, at least she was until we moved to the UK. In the US, she could handle a 14 hour car ride without any sign of illness, but where we live in Wales, much of the roads are hilly or windy [Read On]

Snakes and Ladders on the Go.

I am very possessive of my iPad.  It’s mine, and I’ll be honest, I hate sharing it with my kids. Because of this, I am very selective of which apps I add for the kids (lest I spend all my time coming up with excuses as to why they cannot use Mummy’s iPad); in particular, [Read On]

The Gallery: Landscapes

I love the view from my back garden. The garden itself is very different from the last house we lived in – it being a more traditional English garden setting, full of flowers and beds, had high walls, so we didn’t need to look beyond much.  This one is, well, pretty darn bare. It looks [Read On]

A Pin…and A Dream

It takes a lot of trust and more than a pinch of faith to rent your home to strangers. You can only hope that you will find someone who will love and treat your house as if it were their own (and pray that they take good care of their own things.) Unfortunately, our last [Read On]

Bring on the New Year!

I had the best of intentions to write a round up of 2011, but really? I was off at Center Parcs, having fun with my family, and so New Years Eve day had me tied up with unpacking, sorting out the dog from the kennel, laundry…you know where this is headed…   I ran out [Read On]