Ridiculously Excited for A Wrinkle In Time (Sneak Peek)

Y’all, the girls in this house are seriously excited about Disney’s upcoming 2018 release of A Wrinkle in Time.  I can honestly say, as a hardcore bookworm, this film is based on the what is probably one of my first favorite books, and is one that I’ve read more than once. Last summer I introduced [Read On]

2017 Disney Movies to see!

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures has released it’s 2017 lineup, and it’s looking like my family will be spending quite a bit of time at the movies this year. From live-action remakes of a favorite classic to more sequels of Disney favorites, along with another wonderful Disneynature film in time for Earth Day to a new adventure, there [Read On]

Disney, Roald Dahl and the BFG (and a Movie Trailer)

I’ve always been an avid reader, and one of my favorite childhood authors was Roald Dahl. The BFG, The Magic Finger, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Danny the Champion of the World – all of them wonderful, comic (sometimes darkly so) stories where the children triumph over the wicked adult villains (usually with the help [Read On]

My Sneak Peek at Disney’s Tomorrowland

I confess: any more, I hesitate to turn on the morning news  because it seems to all gloom, doom and stories of destruction and despair. That’s not what I want filling the minds of my sensitive, imaginative kids as they walk out the door, headed to school. That is just one of the many reasons why I left the screening [Read On]

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