When World Baking Day and Pack Rat Day Collide

Hello! Today, May 17, is World Baking Day, which would be more fun if I wasn’t eating in a lazy keto manner, because I don’t care what you say, baking keto is just not as much fun as baking like a person who can eat whatever they want and not worry about where the carbs [Read On]

How To Survive A Broken Foot While in a WalkingBoot

As I mentioned last week, I recently broke my right foot and I’m wearing a walking boot (some call it an AirCast) for the next 3 or more weeks. This isn’t my first rodeo with a foot in a boot – I suffered a broken foot in an equally embarrassing manner when I lived in [Read On]

10 Things My Mother Taught Me

*Today’s post is from Mother’s Day 2011 as it’s one of my favorite Mother’s Day posts, and it still holds true. Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers who have joined the rank of “Mom”, whichever way brought you here.*   There are SO many things we learn from our mothers: to tie our shoes, [Read On]

Common Sense Not Included

Recently my son received what the doctors determined was a “possible” mild concussion. As in, he passed the brief “follow my finger” concussion testing, but he had a bad headache and struggled to concentrate the next day in school. Possibly is the word to note here, because my son and I had vastly different ideas [Read On]

A Dancer’s Fracture? Oh, the Irony.

Without a moment to lose, I dashed into the street, swooping aside the toddler who had wandered in front of the delivery truck barreling down on us, shoving him aside as I…. Nope. I was high upon the wall at the climbing gym when my harness failed…. Nah. Everyone knows I hate heights.  I was [Read On]


He turned to me with a request that would appear odd to an outsider, given his size relative to me. “Mom, can you help me get the lid off of this ice cream? It’s stuck.” This is a kid who routinely needs help opening the lids to various jars and bottles, and it amuses me [Read On]

A Letter to My Son on his 14th Birthday

Another birthday has come and nearly passed, and I bet you thought I’d forget your letter for your 14th birthday  – not because I didn’t remember, but because I’m so ridiculously disorganized this year that I’d not squeeze it into the day. (You would very nearly be correct. But here it is.) You have changed [Read On]

A Letter To My Daughter on her 12th Birthday

When you’re twelve, birthdays are still kind of a big deal, so when the day doesn’t quite go as you hope it would, it can be bitterly disappointing.  You and I share same knack for bad timing, so I know how you were feeling when you walked in the door after school.  Today was supposed [Read On]

2017 LSBBT Bloggers Choice Awards: Best Texas Book

I’m back again with the Lone Star Book Blog Tours team and the results for today’s award for Best Texas Book, chosen from the awesome Texas books and authors featured on Lone Star Book Blog Tours in 2017. I couldn’t be happier about the tie for Best Texas Book, because honestly, it’s a tough call [Read On]

Five Minute Friday – Intentional

I push aside my worn afghan, nubby from wear, gathering up crumpled and discarded tissues, and rise slowly. My head is pounding from a sinus infection and so every motion is intentional to avoid aggravating my already pounding head. I walk slowly, movements precise, aware of all the sounds around me – the dog gently [Read On]