The Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride by Linda Broday – Blog Tour Review (and Giveaway!)

Today I am the last stop on my first Lone Star Book Blog Tour of 2019 and I’m bringing you The Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride by Linda Broday. If you are in the market for a great romance novel and you love historical westerns, the first book in author Linda Brody’s new Outlaw Mail Order Brides series is [Read On]

She built a world from tissue boxes.

My daughter always has been a bit of a collector, so exploring the recesses of storage bins, closets, and drawers usually comes with an element of surprise. You never know if you will turn up a tin full of tiny brown acorns, a zippered pouch full of colorful plastic butterflies, long forgotten, or a handful [Read On]

Stuck Inside? 5 Great Middle Grade Snow Day Reads

The Polar Vortex is back, the weather is keeping everyone inside, and it’s possible you are being subjected to another day of “Mom/Dad, I’m bored!” The weekend ahead looms, cold and dreary for much of the US. If this sounds familiar, I have just the thing to keep your kiddos occupied – check out my [Read On]


This morning I did not put my ass in the chair to write my morning pages, and I did not make it to barre class under the dubious excuse that I needed to write. Which I did not, in the end, accomplish, because I was caught up in endless small tasks around the house. (Read: [Read On]

Fierce, Funny and Female by Marti MacGibbon – Book Tour

I’m back with Lone Star Book Blog Tours to bring you a memoir by author, speaker and stand-up comedian Marti MacGibbon. Her life is certainly anything but ordinary, and her story is both heartbreaking and humorous, if that’s possible.  I’m also sharing a guest post that is right up my alley – her top seven [Read On]

Essays, Empowerment, and the International Day of the Girl

No matter the time or place, the middle school years can be a treacherous period for girls. Pettiness abounds, alliances change – all as our girls struggle to find their place, in school, in the world, and all as puberty’s flood of hormones washes in. Middle school is no place for the weak. Photo by [Read On]

I Had An Epiphany As I Left My Son At Soccer Camp

He gave me a distracted smile and said “see ya”. I stood in the open area between the college dorms as he walked away without another word, his soccer bag on his back. This wasn’t the first time we’ve dropped him off for soccer camp, and while he wanted me to help him make up [Read On]

When World Baking Day and Pack Rat Day Collide

Hello! Today, May 17, is World Baking Day, which would be more fun if I wasn’t eating in a lazy keto manner, because I don’t care what you say, baking keto is just not as much fun as baking like a person who can eat whatever they want and not worry about where the carbs [Read On]

How To Survive A Broken Foot While in a WalkingBoot

As I mentioned last week, I recently broke my right foot and I’m wearing a walking boot (some call it an AirCast) for the next 3 or more weeks. This isn’t my first rodeo with a foot in a boot – I suffered a broken foot in an equally embarrassing manner when I lived in [Read On]

10 Things My Mother Taught Me

*Today’s post is from Mother’s Day 2011 as it’s one of my favorite Mother’s Day posts, and it still holds true. Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers who have joined the rank of “Mom”, whichever way brought you here.*   There are SO many things we learn from our mothers: to tie our shoes, [Read On]