10 Things My Mother Taught Me

*Today’s post is from Mother’s Day 2011 as it’s one of my favorite Mother’s Day posts, and it still holds true. Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers who have joined the rank of “Mom”, whichever way brought you here.*   There are SO many things we learn from our mothers: to tie our shoes, [Read On]

Things My Mother Taught Me

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and for the third year in a row, I won’t be able to get back to the U.S. to spend time with my Mom. I really miss her. My mother is a lovely woman. She has a great sense of humor, cares very deeply for people, is easily hurt, and [Read On]

Phoning Home

I had a laugh, really, even as I picked today’s topic for my post for Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop. It’s actually not hard to recall “who I last spoke to on the phone for 30 minutes” – it could only be my mom. And not just because she is my mom. Mostly because I don’t [Read On]

We Can Laugh About This, Right, Mom?…MOM?

My mom has a great sense of humor. And she is pretty damn tolerant. At least, I’m hoping. Today, I blew it. Totally dropped the ball. I didn’t call my mom. *hangs head* Yes, it is Mother’s Day. In the US. Where she lives. Unfortunately, it is not Mother’s Day in the UK. That was [Read On]

Reflections from a coffee cup

As I’m putting away dishes tonight, I look at our “his and hers” coffee mugs (yes, from Disneyland – it was Paris, at least, don’t judge me) and realize how appropriate the illustrations are on each mug: Mine (the “J”) shows Mickey juggling a ball (he’s not goofing around, he’s juggling – work with me [Read On]

Women Who Inspire Me

Today’s post is to talk about someone who inspires me – but people make their marks on you in different ways, and it is hard to choose just one person. I think the biggest inspiration comes from my mom. Especially since I’m basically becoming her, daily. We are both emotional, and wear our hearts on [Read On]

All About Mom (from a 5 year olds point-of-view)

Today, Boo’s class sang us songs in honor of Mother’s Day! Their presentation included boisterous versions of “Skidamarink”, “Mommy Loves Me (This I know)”, and ____, complete with hand motions (I’m tellin’ ya, I can see the future rock star in him now! Although, his friend Ellie has him hands-down in the volume department. She [Read On]