A Pin…and A Dream

It takes a lot of trust and more than a pinch of faith to rent your home to strangers. You can only hope that you will find someone who will love and treat your house as if it were their own (and pray that they take good care of their own things.) Unfortunately, our last [Read On]


My little family unit is well into the first week of our “Great 2011 Med Adventure” – which I’m thankful we have the opportunity to experience – but I’m finding that the things that are sticking with me the most are the simple things. The quiet moments sitting on a park bench enjoying the view. [Read On]

What Would It Take?

I am a homebody. I do not like change. No, seriously: I really, really, don’t do well with change. It doesn’t mesh well with self-doubt and uncertainty, you know. I stayed in a job YEARS longer than I should of because I was afraid that the alternative would be even worse than the current situation [Read On]

You know you’re a rookie mom when….

Ok, so babies do NOT come with owners manuals. They should, but they don’t….and the myriad of parenting books – all which contradict each other – are no substitute. Of course, every other experienced mother (and mother-in-law) out there will be more than happy to give you THEIR advice, solicited or not. Still, you know [Read On]

By The Hair of the Dog

I’m not talking about hangover cures. I’m talking about Macy, our dog. I love my pup. She is happy, bouncy, energetic – and very, very affectionate. When I work on my laptop late at night, she curls up next to me. Sometimes her head rests on my leg. Sometimes, it is across my laptop until [Read On]


and I’m addicted to social media. I love Facebook as it has makes it easier to keep up with the goings on of family and friends, both those in the US and local. It has allowed me to reconnect with old friends. It even makes it easier to keep up with school closures! The games [Read On]

When I grow up, I want to be….

Boo has been talking about farming. A lot. As in, incessantly. When HE grows up, he is going to farm here in Wales with his buddy, G. (The only boy I know who is as John Deere tractor-crazy as my boy.) This is a big change from being a rock star when he grows up [Read On]

The Cracked Pink Cup

One of my favorite books from childhood was “The Boxcar Children” by Gertrude Chandler Warner.  It is the story of four orphans, Henry, Benny, Jessie and Violet, who run away and live in an abandoned boxcar they found in the forest. Henry is old enough to do odd jobs to get a little needed money, [Read On]

Yes, my Mother reads my blog.

Typically when I write a blog post, I just write. I can’t honestly say that I write with a particular reader/audience in mind because it’s all about me. I blog about things that I find funny or frustrating, entertaining or annoying, and that I hope someone else might enjoy, too.  Sure, I may approach touchy subjects, [Read On]

Why do I do THIS?

I blog. I am a blogger.  Perhaps not the most devoted yet, because some days I feel like what I want to say, people won’t really want to hear. I need to get over that. People are surprised to learn that I blog. I started out blogging as a way to keep a written and [Read On]

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