A Letter to My Daughter on her 10th Birthday

This is a bit belated, my lovely (and I’m so sorry) but is no less heartfelt than if it written on the day itself. Happy birthday, my sweet girl. I can hardly call you baby anymore. (But you know I will, because in my heart, you always will be.) You are that same little girl who [Read On]

A Letter to My Daughter on her 9th Birthday

[We were on vacation earlier this week when I wrote this…and it didn’t post.] My dear Sweet Pea, I cannot believe that you are turning nine years old today! Each and every day, you amaze me with your curiosity, your joy, your boundless energy…and your tenacity. (Some would call it stubbornness.) Last month you went [Read On]

Sing Along With Disney’s Frozen

My family absolutely fell in LOVE with Disney’s animated feature Frozen, and when I received news that they would be releasing a sing-along version nationwide on Friday, January 31, Miss M and I were thrilled. THRILLED. Today I was sent a link to a sing-along version of “Let It Go”, one of our favorites. I [Read On]

Make Me Laugh Monday: The Big Leading the Small

Much to Boo’s disappointment, Pea wants to do everything he does. So she is typically everyWHERE he is, right underfoot. (Literally, often – she is quite petite.) So when I read Morningsidemom’s blog post “The Potty Trained teaches the Potty-Trainee” last week, I had a spark of hope. Boo could motivate Pea to sit on [Read On]

Wordless Wednesday – These are a few of Her Favorite Things (or, Accessorize Me)

Princess Pea

After modelling tutus this morning for my Etsy listing, Pea would not be satisfied with the dress she had previously been wearing…only a princess dress would do. And what a princess dress it is: Blowing kisses to her adoring fans… And ever the fashionista, what princess dress would be complete without kitty rainboots? Isn’t she [Read On]

Happy Birthday, Maddie!

I can’t believe that my baby turned three yesterday. Where has the time gone? She isn’t a baby any more – at least, that is what she tells me. She is a BIG girl. (But not one of those big girls that use the potty. Those are Big Girls. There is, apparently, a difference.) This [Read On]

Beach Day in February

(Warning: gratuitous photo blog post for grandmothers ahead) Its beach day! Well, not for real – just for Pea at preschool. I found it kind of hard to get in the spirit, given that it is about 24 degrees outside today, but she is certainly excited! Just check out that grin! (and note the remaining [Read On]

Fairytales don't always have happy endings

The picture says it all:

Jingle Bel-dens!

Yahoo! As they say, the 3rd time is a charm…. Today, we went to see Santa at the mall. Maddie was mildly disinterested in the idea until we picked Sam up from school, and he showed excitement at the idea. He had lots of questions on the trip, mostly along the lines of “What will [Read On]