The Great Noodle Rescue

It’s a terrible thing to lose a dear friend. It’s even harder to bear when you are completely responsible. Of course, I’m speaking of the untimely “loss” of Pea’s favorite stuffy, Noodles. The original post can be found here. I’ll wait while you go read it…. You’re back? Excellent. Fast forward two years where we [Read On]

I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane…and I’m Looking Back

Today is the day. Today, we leave. Possibly, as you read this, we are far overhead already. Today is a tough day. This post is for all my lovely, wonderful friends here in the UK. Thank you. Thank you for taking us into your homes, into your hearts. You are well part of ours. There [Read On]

A Letter to My Friends and Family Back “Home”

To my dearest family and friends in America, In a few short days, we will be making the second most difficult flight we, as a family, have ever made. The first was in August 2009, when we left all of you behind to start this amazing adventure. The second is the return flight back. We [Read On]

You’re Not ALL That (aka the “things I won’t miss” list)

Yesterday, I wrote about all the things I will miss when I move back to the U.S. In the interest of fair disclosure, there are a FEW things that I won’t be so sad to leave behind. Head lice. The lack of mesh window screens. If I had a pound for every bee/wasp/fly/dragonfly I have [Read On]

Things I Will Miss

The first question on anyone’s lips to me, lately, is “are you excited to be leaving?”. The second most asked question is “what will you miss?” The first is an easy question to answer, as the answer is “no”. Of course, if you had asked me if I was excited to be going back, the [Read On]

In Which I Make A Big Announcement. And Try Not To Cry.

I have BIG news.   And, OMG – NO – I’m not pregnant. (Hell to the NO, those of you who thought it….) It is with a conflicted heart that I share this: We are moving back to the US. At Christmastime. That’s 12 weeks away. While we figured this would be our last year [Read On]

Playing Tourist

A few weeks ago we attended a friend’s wedding. In the course of a conversation with some acquaintances, they asked what we had planned for that weekend. I don’t recall what in particular we were hoping to do if the weather held out, but the fellow we were talking to said “I don’t know why [Read On]

So I’m Not Actually Silent on Sunday….

I’m not so good at being silent on Sunday. (Or any other day, really, but I digress….) Some days I post a photo, but really, I want to tell the WHOLE story. This is the post-script to today’s “Silent Sunday” post. Weekends are for exploring. Quite possibly my favorite place in all of this lovely [Read On]

On 9-11 and Sadness. And a celebration. And a bit of hope.

Today has been a weird day. Living in the UK, I haven't been bombarded with promos for 9-11 television programs, and so when I actually looked at the date, I was struck dumb. Particularly since when getting dressed, I had put on a favorite bracelet, one gifted to me by a client and friend back [Read On]

The Summer To Do List

Wednesday was officially the first day of summer (peers out the window), at least according to my calendar. While I’ve sorted out most of our summer holiday plans, which officially starts July 18, I hadn’t actually compiled the to-do list I’ve been working on with the kidlings. This summer may be the start of our [Read On]

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