Zootopia: Why We All Should See This Movie

Today I took my daughter to see Disney’s recently released “Zootopia”. At one point, my daughter may have set aside her popcorn and quietly taken my hand. At the end of it, I might have teared up, just a little. But probably not for the usual reasons. (Or more accurately, in addition to the usual reasons.) [Read On]

Catching up, on how I’m a wuss, and what-have-you.

Hey, there. :waves: Oh, I’ve how missed you all. How I’ve missed my teensy tiny little old blog.  Where do I start? It’s been a crazy few months: the never-ending kitchen renovation was completed, officially, last week, praise Jesus. My chronic “seriously-I-don’t-have-the-plague” cough – which is far past tiresome – is finally getting a more serious [Read On]

Things My Mother Taught Me

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and for the third year in a row, I won’t be able to get back to the U.S. to spend time with my Mom. I really miss her. My mother is a lovely woman. She has a great sense of humor, cares very deeply for people, is easily hurt, and [Read On]


My little family unit is well into the first week of our “Great 2011 Med Adventure” – which I’m thankful we have the opportunity to experience – but I’m finding that the things that are sticking with me the most are the simple things. The quiet moments sitting on a park bench enjoying the view. [Read On]

The Simplicity of Childhood

This afternoon, after checking in at our hotel and wandering out for a bite to eat, we went for a walk in the neighborhood. After a morning of travel with a lot of “behave…or else” threats hanging over their heads, the kidlings needed to blow off some steam. We found a lovely park with a [Read On]

Redemption in the form of a little Knight

Today is World Book Day, which means (if you are a parent) that you have likely spent last night the past few days scrambling around trying to find some sort of costume to reflect a character from your child’s chosen book. While I am a book lover, I suck at creating costumes. The mention of [Read On]

Happy Birthday to my Hubs

Dear Pete, Today is your birthday. I made you a cake, chocolate (my your favorite), but don’t have much to offer you in the gift department – not because your birthday is so close to Christmas in as much as because you are not a materialistic person, and so you never ask for much. (Unlike [Read On]

Project We: And so it begins

I am a blogger. My kids know this. So far, they haven’t asked to read it. I am about to venture into new, scary territory. I’m embarking on an adventure….with Boo. Project We. Project We is the product of my blogger friend/idol Jenny and her daughter Olivia’s inspiration, a method of togetherness on the interwebz, [Read On]

Dogs Don’t Wear Shoes

If you stop by my house at, oh, say, 8pm on any given evening, you will find me mopping. I know. It’s sad. Really, really sad. I hadn’t expected the floors to get THIS dirty. We are a no-shoes-in-the-house family.  The Hubs has been strict about this to the point that my kids typically pull [Read On]

Reinventing Yourself

For most of my life, I’ve defined myself by my job. Not the smartest of ideas, honestly, especially when you aren’t happy in your job. Don’t get me wrong, I liked what I did, but the environment was way more stressful than I needed for some time. Then, I had kids – and my life [Read On]

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