Happy Birthday to my Hubs

Dear Pete, Today is your birthday. I made you a cake, chocolate (my your favorite), but don’t have much to offer you in the gift department – not because your birthday is so close to Christmas in as much as because you are not a materialistic person, and so you never ask for much. (Unlike [Read On]

A Diva in the Making

The school had a Fashion Show for our fall fundraiser. Pea was asked to model. No, correct that she was asked to be “in de Fashion Show”. She came home from school, very excited: “Is dis week de Fashion Show? I’m excited to be in de Fashion Show!!! Mommy…what is a Fashion Show?” Never to [Read On]

One Afternoon

I think the pictures say it all here – simple fun to be had chasing your dad around the garden!

My hubs, the star

My hubs, in travelling as much as he does for work, flies frequently, and therefore, stays in hotels. He’s an outgoing friendly guy, born and raised in Virginia. While his ancestors came from across the pond, he does not speak with a British accent. Nonetheless, during his travels its not uncommon for him to hear [Read On]