All You Never Wanted To Know About a Barium Swallow

I have spent the better part of the past few years coughing like a retired coal miner with a five-pack-a-day habit. Except the closest I’ve ever been to a coal mine is rail cars clattering past on the tracks, and I despise the smell of cigarette smoke (which made for a rough go while I tended [Read On]

Tips to Keep Your Young Athlete Hydrated

I received product from BODYARMOR in exchange for sharing my thoughts. I was not otherwise compensated, and all opinions remain my own. #BlogginMamas  When my son got out of our car yesterday after soccer training, he said “EW” as he looked at the pool of sweat on the leather seat. I looked at the jug of water he [Read On]

Nourish your WHOLE self

#This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #NourishWhatMatters #CollectiveBias Yes, I am THAT person. The one that says “I was so busy I forgot to eat today”. You wouldn’t think it was possible, but it happens all too often. It’s not hat I’m NOT hungry. [Read On]

On Clumsiness And Being Careful What You Wish For…

The universe has a way of warning you to be careful what you wish for. My clumsiness is something to behold. When the former and the latter meet, it’s not pretty. This is my story. Earlier this week, I was mad blogging about the Hay Festival, books, authors and the rain. I could only wish [Read On]

It’s Not Easy Being Green

This year, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna lose those last 10 13 pounds. I checked in at Weight Watchers today (and I’m happy to report I only gained two pounds over the last three weeks Christmas holiday….since I displayed abysmal self-control in the face of loads of chocolates and cheeses and alcohol….), I’m tracking [Read On]

A thought before bedtime…

“Mommy, why do we have to watch out for fall germs?” “Ummm. Fall germs? What are those?” (mommy plays innocent – instead of stupid) “The germs that come in the fall.” “Well, sweetie, there are all types of germs, but they aren’t for just one season. Where did you hear of fall germs?” “At school*, [Read On]

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