A View of Hay

My brain is reeling with so much going on here in town, so I thought I’d post a few pictures of Hay dressed up for the Festival and Jubilee, as well as a few random shots of the Festival itself, taken quickly between the kidlings tired whinges.  THIS way!  It was a busy day on [Read On]

Wordless Wednesday: Sunset

Vintage Tractor and Steam Engine Rally

Last month, after flying from Chicago to London, and riding in the car for three hours, we thought, for some reason, that it would be a fantastic idea to go look at tractors and steam engines. I think I operated my camera in such a stupor that I forgot we even went, hence the delay. [Read On]

When in Rome….or Hay

When by the river in Hay And you don’t have a swimsuit Sometimes, you just have to roll up your trousers And jump right in…. But sometimes, that’s just not enough….and when the little ones nearby stripped to their underpants… Mine did too! Happiness is sitting on the beach in your underpants!

Hay Walk

Today was simply gorgeous, sunny and warm (meaning, not typical weather for Wales) and to make the most of it, we thought we’d take a walk. There are a fair amount of walking paths in the area, and we really haven’t had the opportunity to venture out. The walk we took is called Cusop Mill [Read On]

Fun Fair

The Fun Fair was in town this weekend. (FWIW, a “Fun Fair” is basically a carnival.) But cleaner. And more geared to children, which was fantastic. Some random thoughts, which my friends back home might find of interest…. Instead of buying tickets for rides, you pay cash. At each ride. For some rides, you bought [Read On]

New Friends

As I mentioned earlier, I learned through “Life in Hay” that there was another American/fellow Illinoisan living here in Hay, so before coming over, I sent a quick note to Leslie, the owner of the blog, and she returned my email with details of where Jackie worked and on what day I might find her [Read On]

Pictures of Hay

I am ridiculously behind on my blogging, as there is so much to tell, I’m not sure where to start. So while I gather my thoughts, I’ll share some pictures of this lovely area…. Pete, enjoying some tea in the garden of the Swan Hotel, just after our arrival. It doesn’t appear that jet lag [Read On]

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