Flashback Friday – One Easter Sunday

I will call this Flashback Friday – but really,  two weeks isn’t much of  a flashback (unless you’re Lindsay Lohan and you’ve just had a WHOLE lot to drink…) Lost blog mojo. Whatevs. I did mention that I’m behind, right? Otherwise, it might seem odd that I’m blogging about Easter two weeks past…… We were [Read On]

Wordless Wednesday: Her Newest Find (Momma Said No)

The Things We Teach Our Kids

So, Boo is a thirsty kind of guy. He drinks a lot. Which, you know, means that he needs to pee. Frequently. And his timing? Well, it’s less than perfect. Just ask my husband, who generally is asked to bring Boo to the loo approximately 30 seconds after our meal has been delivered to our [Read On]

Make Me Laugh Monday – Oh, the Things These Eyes Have Seen

I realize that some Europeans may well consider that Americans are….prudes when it comes to swimwear and/or nudity. Let me tell you, given what I have seen today, this is NOT a bad thing. I would have appreciated a shared sentiment of prudishness when I saw the 60+ nana poolside…topless. Or the very, very, VERY [Read On]

Marty and the Pea

During the kids’ half-term break, their Grandmom “Phyl” and her friend Marty came across the pond for a visit. We did a lot of sightseeing, but I think the real fun was watching the kids connect with Phyllis and Marty (their “adopted” grandfather). I wish I had thought to get a sound bite of Pea [Read On]

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