Thoughts on Change: A Guest Post

From the Momma: Oy, change. It’s something we’ve been talking a lot about lately in this momma’s house. The past 18 months have definitely had their highs and lows as we’ve adjusted from life in the UK and back into American life. When you move abroad, you think about all you have to adapt TO [Read On]

The symmetrical girl

It was the end of the day, and time for bedtime reading. We have a blanket chest at the foot of our bed where the kids typically set their reading folders; piled high on it were our pillow shams and various throw pillows. There wasn’t much room left, so when the Hubs set Pea’s book [Read On]

Willy…or Won’t He?

My daughter is very proud of her latest crafty creation… Um…a dog? No – it’s a dragon, right?? No… It’s an alien. A boy alien. * * * * * “That’s its willy”, she announces. I squint. “um..this?” “No, Mummy! That’s his leg. THIS is his willy!” Silly mummy. I didn’t ask her why she [Read On]

The Gallery: Christmas of Yesteryear

Seeing as how all of my old albums are in storage in Chicago, the oldest of my photos date back to what I have in digital format. For this week’s Gallery theme, “Christmas of Yesteryear”, I am only going back a few years… This is Christmas, 2007. Pea was 1-1/2, and this was the magical [Read On]

Silent Sunday

Where I’m From

I am from pictures colored in a notebook, books and a flashlight under the sheets, from milk and carefully split Oreos and tents made from blankets under the dining room table. I am from the “west side”, dinners in the screened-in porch, root beer floats at the A&W drive in and the summer rain pounding [Read On]

Off To School

Today was the first day of school for my kidlings. Mean mom that I am, I insisted that I take Boo to school – to walk him to his new classroom, check out where he hangs his backpack and stores his book bag – since it will be a rare occasion that he lets me [Read On]

The Simplicity of Childhood

This afternoon, after checking in at our hotel and wandering out for a bite to eat, we went for a walk in the neighborhood. After a morning of travel with a lot of “behave…or else” threats hanging over their heads, the kidlings needed to blow off some steam. We found a lovely park with a [Read On]

Silent Sunday


5 going on 15

I love my daughter. LOVE. HER. Not just because I’m supposed to. She is quirky. She is charming. She is determined. When she smiles, she lights up the room. She knows what she wants. She has an amazing imagination, and I am delighted to listen to her tales of her imaginary friends. (The posse grows [Read On]

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