In Her World….

Last night at dinner, the kids were making up stories. Pea begain with “I’m a princess…” and Boo interrupted with “You always say you’re a princess…but you’re not a princess!!!!” to which Pea primly replied, “In my world, I am!!!” Gotta love that girl….

Yes, my Mother reads my blog.

Typically when I write a blog post, I just write. I can’t honestly say that I write with a particular reader/audience in mind because it’s all about me. I blog about things that I find funny or frustrating, entertaining or annoying, and that I hope someone else might enjoy, too.  Sure, I may approach touchy subjects, [Read On]

Why do I do THIS?

I blog. I am a blogger.  Perhaps not the most devoted yet, because some days I feel like what I want to say, people won’t really want to hear. I need to get over that. People are surprised to learn that I blog. I started out blogging as a way to keep a written and [Read On]

In the Land of the Mouse….

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