Deep Thoughts from a Kindergardener

Late the other night, as I snuggled with Boo at bedtime, he asked me “where do people go when they die? I mean, they go to Heaven, but what is Heaven like?” Before I could even ask, he asked “are Coco and Bubbles there?” (my brother’s and parents’ dogs, respectively.) And again, as I started [Read On]

God Never Leaves Us

Unpacking Boo’s school backpack to unload the end-of-year detrius, I came across a clothespin. Yes, you read that correctly – he has a clothespin that says “God Never Leaves Us”. He attends a Christian preschool, and they have done an amazing job in their gentle instructions in faith. He “gets” it, and that is such [Read On]

The Literal Preschooler

Its amazing what kids take in – and how much they retain. And how literal my son can be! Last Friday at preschool, Father Al joined Sam’s class, and they talked (per my conversation with Sam) about how God made all of us, and about how much he loves us. Evidentally, he also talked about [Read On]