Sneak Peek: the 2017 American Girl “Girl of the Year™” Gabriela

For all my moms of American Girl fans, I have a sneak peek at American Girl’s new 2017 “Girl of the Year™: Gabriela McBride™!  It’s no secret that I’ve long been a fan of the American Girl dolls because they are coupled with a story that sends a message – and I’m thrilled with Gabriela’s back story, because it [Read On]

Then and Now

My baby girl is growing up. Of course she is. I know this. She has to. But it just seems like yesterday when she was still squeezing into 18-24m sized leggings – and she was three years old.  She’s nearly five…but don’t tell her this. She will soundly argue that she is ONLY four. Looking [Read On]

The way of girls

What I love about Boo is the simplicity of getting dressed in the morning. Oh, sure – he does have requests (“No jeans today, Mommy”) – but that is somewhat a given. Boys are easy to dress. Jeans, tees, running pants. Everything is pretty much mix and match, like Garanamals without the cute little tags. [Read On]

You can never over-accessorize

Watching Maddie, I can’t be sure what she loves more: shoes, purses, or other accessories – necklaces, glasses, etc. She embodies all the great things about being two and being a girl – dressing up and having fun! The girl LOVES shoes, better so if they are red. (Who can blame her – every girl [Read On]