In honor of “The Hundred Foot Journey”: What Bite Takes You Home?

Ever since my lovely librarian/blogger cousin Kathy posted a list of books that would be made into movies in 2014 and I first read the description of The Hundred Foot Journey, I was hooked. Then, when I read the book, I fell in love. (In fact, I was all ready to link up to the review [Read On]

The Gallery: Food

My mother-in-law and her partner are frequent travelers. On their return, Marty always prepares a slide show of sorts of all the photos that he has taken. Always, always there will be photos of the meals they have eaten. He’s good that way. Me? I always think about it about halfway through a really amazing [Read On]

Silent Sunday


The Gallery: Guilty Pleasures

I’m a simple girl. I have but a few guilty pleasures… I love handbags. REALLY luv handbags. But handbags, especially my beloved Belen Echandias, are a splurge, a very special treat (even though I have only bought them via their sample sales.) On a smaller scale, I love to drive (the 18 or so odd, [Read On]

Little Does He Know….

Today, during our fashionably late Spanish lunch, Boo looked thoughtful as he sampled a slice of Pea’s margarita pizza. He had already polished off half a bowl of pasta, which he quite accurately described as tasting like “Mimi’s pasta” – or, more precisely, like the sauce from the long closed Len-Rico’s Restaurant in my hometown, [Read On]

You Want Me to Eat…What?????

One exciting thing about moving to a different country is the opportunity to try new foods. Granted, British cuisine has historically been panned (particularly by the French) as being plain and bland. This is definitely not the case, although I will say that much of the food we traditionally associate with the United Kingdom falls [Read On]

The Unlikely Connoisseur

As part of our nightly bedtime routine, after Boo reads us his school books, we read him one of his choice. Tonight, his book of choice (a short one, because it was late) was “Good Night America“. As he finished the book, he looked at The Hubs and said “I like reading “Good Night America”. [Read On]

Foreign Food

I know we have moved to a different country, and so food will be different. Going to the market has proven that, while we eat the same food (generally), preparation is quite often different. Prawn crisps replace BBQ potato chips on the store shelves. Hot dogs look like hot dogs, but aren’t…quite….right. However, the full [Read On]

Meal Fail

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who ate all sorts of wonderful things. BOWLS of broccoli for dinner. Grilled chicken. Pork chops. Balsamic-glazed grilled asparagus. (Seriously!) Pasta by the pound. Then, she turned 2-1/2, and started exerting her will over one of the only two things she has control of. (The other [Read On]