Flashback Friday – One Easter Sunday

I will call this Flashback Friday – but really,  two weeks isn’t much of  a flashback (unless you’re Lindsay Lohan and you’ve just had a WHOLE lot to drink…) Lost blog mojo. Whatevs. I did mention that I’m behind, right? Otherwise, it might seem odd that I’m blogging about Easter two weeks past…… We were [Read On]

Flashback Friday – the Fashionista

At 18 months, Pea was already showing signs of being a fashionista. When this bag (a Not Rational cargo bag) arrived in the mail, she petted it. For hours.  (Not that I blame her. It did smell lovely and was smooshy soft.) Yes, she IS drooling on my handbag. I should have known that this [Read On]

Flashback Friday – The Last Ballgame

It was July 2009, and only a day or two before we left our house outside of Chicago to move to the UK. It was also Boo’s first season of playing t-ball – and his only, as by the time we move back, he’ll be old enough to play Little League baseball. I’m hoping, for [Read On]