Fill In the Blank Friday. On Saturday.

Yes, I know it is Saturday. Because I’m PERPETUALLY a day late and a dollar short. And because I have a whole passel (that IS a word) of blog posts, unfinished as it is, on my laptop, quite embarrassingly. So without further ado, let’s fill in some blanks, shall we?   1.  My favorite flower [Read On]

Fill in the Blank Friday

It’s been quite a week, and since I’ve been a bit lost in my head (but that is for another post) I thought I should come out and play, and a good set of “fill in the blanks” always brings a smile to my face! This week, Lauren from the Little Things We Do has [Read On]

Fill the The Blank Friday

I was shocked to discover that the week has come and gone. My mind has been a total blank and the week’s posts (and lack thereof) reflects this, so it is appropriate, in a way, that I fill in a blank. (It’s Lauren’s from The Little Things We Do, to be specific.) Today’s prompt is: [Read On]

Fill in the Blank Friday

There is still a few minutes left in the day here in the UK so I can technically still say “Happy Friday!”   It’s time to fill in a blank!   This week’s prompt is: COLOR If you follow my blog at all, you will know that photography is one of my first loves, however [Read On]

Fill In the Blank Friday

Lauren at the Little Things We Do has ratcheted up the challenge factor of her “Fill In The Blanks” meme a notch or two. This week’s theme? Well, let’s just say that I am NOT “the hostess with the mostest”. I suck at playing hostess, to be honest. While my friend Valerie is the Diva [Read On]

Fill in the Blank Friday – the Late Night Version

  Lauren over at “The Little Things We Do” has introduced a new format to her “Fill in the Blank” Friday meme, so here we go: …blogging is a creative outlet for me. What started out as a way to simply share the milestones and memories of my then very small babes with far-flung family [Read On]

Fill in the Blank Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s been a great week, and Lauren has picked some happy blanks to fill. So let’s get at it and fill those blanks! The best surprise ever would be a holiday trip to someplace warm and sandy that I didn’t have to plan or do much of anything once I got there. [Read On]

Fill in the Blank Friday

Happy Friday everyone! It has been a long week with poorly kidlings in my house, but with Boo back to school and Pea considerably perked up, I think everything will be back to normal for the weekend. This cheers me up considerably! It’s a happy coincidence then that Lauren over at The Little Things We [Read On]

Fill in the Blank Friday: The Travel Edition

New mama Lauren of The Little Things We Do is busy lovin’ on her baby girl, so today’s blanks were created by Erin of A Symphony of Grace. She has a lovely blog, so take a peek and give her some love, too! This week’s blanks are all about travel – one of my big loves, and something [Read On]

Fill in the Blank Friday

December has arrived and we are in full holiday mode! (So much so that I’ve barely blogged this week. Oops.) Our little town turned on its Christmas lights this past weekend, with the kids singing carols with their school. The tree is up, Alfie (our Elf on the Shelf) has arrived for his annual duty [Read On]

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