Travelling Solo

This week, I’ve had to travel back to the States for my grandfather’s memorial service. Not wanting to subject the kids to the time changes and disruption involved with a short trip overseas, I’ve come on my own. Alone. Solo. Uno. Yes, I’m childless for FIVE days. My husband asked: “What will you do on [Read On]

Women Who Inspire Me

Today’s post is to talk about someone who inspires me – but people make their marks on you in different ways, and it is hard to choose just one person. I think the biggest inspiration comes from my mom. Especially since I’m basically becoming her, daily. We are both emotional, and wear our hearts on [Read On]

Revisiting My Very First Post

Summer is over, school is in full swing, and now is the perfect time for me to take part in SITS “Back to Blogging” event! I’ve been a little a lot ok, completely undisciplined with my blogging of late…and, thanks to sponsors Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builders Applicances, I could also [Read On]

Mothering Sunday

Today was “Mothering Sunday”, the UK equivalent of Mother’s Day back in the US. The family pulled out all the stops today….the Hubs made us breakfast (AND did the dishes, woot woot). Pea only had a slightly minor meltdown involving clothes. I had coffee in me and no dishpan hands, so she wasn’t going to [Read On]

Riding the Santa Train

I’ve been busy with all our end-of-term activities and pre-Christmas activities, and probably should be writing profound holiday-related posts of spirit and joy and all that other stuff. Instead, I’m going to post gratuitous photos (which should have been edited down, but neener, neener, this is my blog, get your own if you don’t like [Read On]

Marty and the Pea

During the kids’ half-term break, their Grandmom “Phyl” and her friend Marty came across the pond for a visit. We did a lot of sightseeing, but I think the real fun was watching the kids connect with Phyllis and Marty (their “adopted” grandfather). I wish I had thought to get a sound bite of Pea [Read On]

Road Trip!

In what some have claimed is insanity, I packed up our suitcases, a collection of DVDs, snacks, blankies, Ox, and the kids, and drove from Chicago to Virginia. On my own. Day one wasn’t too terribly bad: the kids snacked so much that they opted to skip lunch. Boo peed roadside twice (he discovered the [Read On]

The true test of family, in which we speak of puke.

On the drive to St. Louis this weekend, Pea was whinier than normal. Silly mommy wrote it off to the fact that she had missed a few naps and had eaten crap all day. (Well, not literally crap, just not my choice of “healthly” foods.) She never goes to bed early when visiting her cousins [Read On]

Happy Birthday, Dad

(Ok, so this post is going up a bit late – I’m behind on my blogging. The message is just as heartfelt as it was the day of his birthday!) My Dad turned 65 today! Given the fact that his birth father passed in his early 20s and his adoptive father also passed at a [Read On]

Building Traditions

This Easter, we won’t be making our usual trip to Virginia. We are still working out alternate plans, and in the meantime, it had me thinking about the smaller, fun and funny habits and traditions that have come to be over the past few years…. This year, we started what we decided would be a [Read On]