My Husband’s 50th Birthday

Today is my husband’s 50th birthday. I’m now officially married to a geezer, as he received his AARP card application late last week. As I’m a mere 45, I’m struggling with the idea that he has hit the mid-century mark. Where have the last ten years gone? And while the increase of “wisdom” in his [Read On]

Saying “Hi” to Granddad (or, Waking the Dead)

My kidlings have never met their paternal grandfather. Sadly, he passed away long before they were ever the proverbial twinkle in their father’s eye. The Hubs tells stories about Granddad Fred, of course – anecdotes particularly – but whenever we visit Colonial Williamsburg, where my husband lived as a child, the stories tend to flow [Read On]

A Family Story

I’m really grumpy with Tara at Sticky Fingers this last week. Her Gallery theme – the Family Story – was a bit nightmarish, and not just because any family photos that basically predate my kids are in storage in Chicago. (A stupid move, I know….) Telling a family story in just one picture? :sighs:  My [Read On]


My little family unit is well into the first week of our “Great 2011 Med Adventure” – which I’m thankful we have the opportunity to experience – but I’m finding that the things that are sticking with me the most are the simple things. The quiet moments sitting on a park bench enjoying the view. [Read On]

Flashback Friday – One Easter Sunday

I will call this Flashback Friday – but really,  two weeks isn’t much of  a flashback (unless you’re Lindsay Lohan and you’ve just had a WHOLE lot to drink…) Lost blog mojo. Whatevs. I did mention that I’m behind, right? Otherwise, it might seem odd that I’m blogging about Easter two weeks past…… We were [Read On]

Flashback Friday – Cousins

I stumbled across this photo when going through some old files, perfect for Flashback Friday. I don’t know if I should admit that the blue TERRY CLOTH outfit I’m wearing was one of my favorites at the time. (Think it may be a holdover from the ’70s, but I’m not sure.)  I’m not sure exactly [Read On]

Wordless Wednesday: Generations and Genetics*

Gmom and Pea even stand the same way….

The things you miss at Christmas

This will be our first Christmas in the UK with NO extended family around. It will be just the four five of us. (Can’t forget the puppy.) There is snow on the ground, loads of presents hidden upstairs to be wrapped (and me with NO motivation to do so). It looks very Christmas-y outside. Very [Read On]

Fill in the Blank Friday – Thanksgiving

Thank GOD it is Friday – it has been such a long week, and it is only by His grace that my children have lived to see tonight that I have survived this week. I’m flabbergasted that Thanksgiving is only a week away – or, should I say, that my family back home will be [Read On]

The Cracked Pink Cup

One of my favorite books from childhood was “The Boxcar Children” by Gertrude Chandler Warner.  It is the story of four orphans, Henry, Benny, Jessie and Violet, who run away and live in an abandoned boxcar they found in the forest. Henry is old enough to do odd jobs to get a little needed money, [Read On]

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