Jumping with Joy (and No Worries)

Oh, the dangers of laughing, coughing, jumping or running if you’re a girl like me. But guess what? My worries are gone and I’m jumping with joy! #lifeafterleaks #ad

The Things We Teach Our Kids

So, Boo is a thirsty kind of guy. He drinks a lot. Which, you know, means that he needs to pee. Frequently. And his timing? Well, it’s less than perfect. Just ask my husband, who generally is asked to bring Boo to the loo approximately 30 seconds after our meal has been delivered to our [Read On]

Make Me Laugh Monday: a Puppy Tale

So, again, I’ve been delinquent posting. Its not cause I don’t love you. Or because there is nothing interesting going on here. No. We have a puppy. She is cute. She is my shadow. She pees when she sees us. Every morning, when we let her out of her crate, we maneuver her onto a [Read On]

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