The things you can’t shake

We all have them. That childhood fear we’ve taken into adulthood. I have a few. Fear of having a really lame costume at Halloween. Fear of heights. (Actually, it’s not really heights. It’s a fear of falling. I’m clumsy. Stairs are dangerous. So are rock cliffs.) But the worst? Fear of saying something stupid and [Read On]

The “L” word

I’m a betting gal. And I’m betting you are thinking about a completely different “L” word than I am…. ———————————————— Today I took Pea for a haircut. The stylist is a friend of mine, and as she started trimming, she leaned in, looked at me, then nodded towards Pea’s head. “I’m sorry to say this….” [Read On]

I’m just not ready to go there

There are some conversations that, no matter which way you look at it, are just too awkward for words. In this house, we have a family bathroom. Said bathroom doesn’t have a cabinet under the sink, where one would normally store one’s feminine…erm…products. I did buy a nifty little shelf thingy at Ikea, but its [Read On]

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