Silent Sunday


Little Does He Know….

Today, during our fashionably late Spanish lunch, Boo looked thoughtful as he sampled a slice of Pea’s margarita pizza. He had already polished off half a bowl of pasta, which he quite accurately described as tasting like “Mimi’s pasta” – or, more precisely, like the sauce from the long closed Len-Rico’s Restaurant in my hometown, [Read On]

Project We: When In Vienna

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, correct? So I assume it follows that when in Vienna, do as the Viennese. Which, apparently, is drink coffee and eat cake. Lots of cake.   Lots and LOTS of cake. And ice cream. And not just a simple scoop of ice cream, but masterpieces of sundaes. [Read On]

Substitutions Allowed

We took the Hubs out for a belated birthday lunch this past weekend. While waiting for our food to arrive, Boo and Pea were drawing pictures (because, of course, I carry a small unlined notepad and pack of 12 mini washable Crayola markers. Doesn’t everyone?) Pea had completed the drawing of herself and was beginning [Read On]

Sombrero Fun

We stopped at a Southwestern themed restaurant while in Tenerife. Pea was in rare form, and Boo was…welllllll….grouchy. Like nearly everyone else we met in Tenerife, the restaurant guy treated the kids really well, and did his best to get a smile out of Boo. So he brought us Sombreros. Like her mama, Pea loves [Read On]

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