It’s Not Easy Being Green

This year, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna lose those last 10 13 pounds. I checked in at Weight Watchers today (and I’m happy to report I only gained two pounds over the last three weeks Christmas holiday….since I displayed abysmal self-control in the face of loads of chocolates and cheeses and alcohol….), I’m tracking [Read On]

You Want Me to Eat…What?????

One exciting thing about moving to a different country is the opportunity to try new foods. Granted, British cuisine has historically been panned (particularly by the French) as being plain and bland. This is definitely not the case, although I will say that much of the food we traditionally associate with the United Kingdom falls [Read On]

Meal Fail

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who ate all sorts of wonderful things. BOWLS of broccoli for dinner. Grilled chicken. Pork chops. Balsamic-glazed grilled asparagus. (Seriously!) Pasta by the pound. Then, she turned 2-1/2, and started exerting her will over one of the only two things she has control of. (The other [Read On]

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