Disney Social Media Moms “On The Road” Celebration Chicago 2014

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to Disney Social Media Moms’ “On the Road” Celebration that was held in the Chicago area.  I love Disney in all forms, so needless to say I was excited for the events of the day to unfold. What better way to mark the day than with showing a [Read On]

Something Is Coming…It is Maleficent

Well, you know I drank the Mouse juice years ago, and I love all things Disney. (Heck, at this moment there is a good possibility that I’m sitting onboard the Disney Fantasy and getting ready to ride the Aquaduck.) Anywho… I always enjoy a movie that offers up a different perspective on an old favorite, [Read On]

I’m Sailing….Sailing Away

Today is the day. The day that has got me through this dreadful winter. Through 70+ inches of snow and who knows how days of many sub-zero weather. (Ok, Tom Skilling from WGN probably knows, but whatever.) Through the down coat, the pale, dry winter skin and hair electrified by static. I’m in Florida. Port [Read On]

Fun “Muppets Most Wanted” Activity Sheets

It looks like my kids aren’t the only ones excited about the next Muppet movie: We’re counting down the days to the Muppets Most Wanted release  because we love the Muppets here – and because we set sail on the Disney Fantasy the day after the March 21 release, we’ll get to see it at sea [Read On]

Sing Along With Disney’s Frozen

My family absolutely fell in LOVE with Disney’s animated feature Frozen, and when I received news that they would be releasing a sing-along version nationwide on Friday, January 31, Miss M and I were thrilled. THRILLED. Today I was sent a link to a sing-along version of “Let It Go”, one of our favorites. I [Read On]

Waiting for Muppets: Most Wanted

Although the kids JUST returned to school after what was starting to feel like an endless summer vacation, I’m already looking forward to spring break!  We will be spending our next spring break on the Disney Fantasy, sailing the Eastern Caribbean. Yay! We are HUGE Disney fans here, be it the parks, the ships, or [Read On]

The Gallery: A Happy Memory

My recent “9/11” post ended on a positive note, as does this week’s Gallery theme, as so eloquently described by Tara at Sticky Fingers that I can only quote her: “So as the world marks 9/11 let’s look for the good. Let’s shine a bright light. This week’s Gallery theme is: A Happy Memory. It’s as [Read On]

The Gallery: Have Bags, Will Travel

I love to travel. Love. It. At least, I did, when I was on my own…or with the Hubs. Then, we had babies. Traveling with babies can be like traversing the 6th level of hell, especially with babies that are slaves to routine. And, let’s face it, you can’t throw a handful of clothes in [Read On]

The way of girls

What I love about Boo is the simplicity of getting dressed in the morning. Oh, sure – he does have requests (“No jeans today, Mommy”) – but that is somewhat a given. Boys are easy to dress. Jeans, tees, running pants. Everything is pretty much mix and match, like Garanamals without the cute little tags. [Read On]

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