The Real Challenge is that I Love Food.

Given that my daughter will be turning ten in March, I’ve accepted that I must quit referring to my muffin top as baby weight. It’s a food baby, plain and simple. Since wishing it away hasn’t had any effect on my waistline, and attempts at regular exercise have been so-so, and I don’t have the [Read On]

It’s Not Easy Being Green

This year, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna lose those last 10 13 pounds. I checked in at Weight Watchers today (and I’m happy to report I only gained two pounds over the last three weeks Christmas holiday….since I displayed abysmal self-control in the face of loads of chocolates and cheeses and alcohol….), I’m tracking [Read On]

Writer’s Workshop: Big Fat Focaccia Fail

I’ve been so good. Drinking my water and eating my veggies and fruit.   Trying to stay away from the candy dish. Saying “NO” to the luring call of the afternoon cake or a biscuit (that’s a cookie) with my tea.   Hopping around my sitting room to “Just Dance 2” (extra points for ducking [Read On]

Dear So and So

Dear Pea: Thank you for cooperating and not dawdling or fussing so we could get you to school at such an early hour (for you) to meet the bus (which still wasn’t there 15 minutes later.). Wish every morning could be like today!!!! Love, Mommy * * * * * Dear Mother Nature: Please give [Read On]

Losin’ It

Yesterday was a big day for me. A good day. See, I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting in 3 weeks – I was away on holiday for the first two, and it was a Bank Holiday on the third Monday. I had a lot to face up to: while we DID walk for [Read On]

Body Fat

Earlier this year, we joined a new fitness center. Part of the membership package was a fitness assessment, which would allow the fitness staff to program a workout for us on their FittLinx system. If you aren’t familiar with it, you log into the system and at each piece of weight equipment, it will tell [Read On]

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