Dear So and So: The Late (Saturday) Travel Edition

As I started to write this post, I realized that I was really racking up a list of grievances I had against my fellow travelers (and miscellaneous people I met) on my last two holidays, and that, really, I didn’t want to rant to you about this crap. I want to rant to them. But [Read On]

Dear So and So

Friday is here, and thusly, another opportunity to unload…and spread some gratitude. Read on… Dear Pea, Screaming “I don’t like it here! I want to move away” because I didn’t make you hot dogs for supper/asked you to wash your hands before dinner/asked you to stop kicking your brother will not change my mind in [Read On]

Dear So and So

  Happy Friday! That means it is time for “Dear So and So”, where I take a moment to get just a few things off of my chest. Here we go! ———- Dear Pea, Having a meltdown of colossal proportions whilst trying to explain to your Daddy that you were recognized at school for your [Read On]

Dear So and So: My First Go

I’ve discovered a new (-to-me) meme, hosted by Kat over at 3 Bedroom Bungalow (*waves hi*). It’s been an overwhelming week, and so in the spirit of trying something new, here we go: Dear Macy-pup, That cute little trick you’ve learned – the one where you open the baby gate at the bottom of the [Read On]

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