Fatherhood is the Easier Gig. Isn’t it?

In the bigger frame of things, Fatherhood is WAYYY easier than Motherhood. There. I said it. Right? Firstly, we must look at how we earned those titles. For the most part, mothers DO have a bit more investment in the process and a lot more effort and work. The title of “Father” is grandly bestowed [Read On]

Saying “Hi” to Granddad (or, Waking the Dead)

My kidlings have never met their paternal grandfather. Sadly, he passed away long before they were ever the proverbial twinkle in their father’s eye. The Hubs tells stories about Granddad Fred, of course – anecdotes particularly – but whenever we visit Colonial Williamsburg, where my husband lived as a child, the stories tend to flow [Read On]

Silent Sunday

And Then My Heart Stopped

Its been a shaky start to half-term hols.  This morning, I loaded up the rental van (who names a car brand a “Seat”, anyway?) with my parents, Boo and Pea (the Hubs stayed home to puppy-sit and work) and headed south-west to Pembrokeshire. Let me start by saying that travelling is a challenge when your [Read On]

Happy Birthday, Dad

(Ok, so this post is going up a bit late – I’m behind on my blogging. The message is just as heartfelt as it was the day of his birthday!) My Dad turned 65 today! Given the fact that his birth father passed in his early 20s and his adoptive father also passed at a [Read On]

Happy Father's Day, Pete

Its always a good day when you can make Daddy cry. (tears of joy, that is). Since Maddie and Sam are early risers, (some days way earlier than others), we took Pete out to breakfast as soon as everyone managed to get dressed and out the door – about 7am, here. (Hey, at least we [Read On]

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