Revisiting Carnival Cruises – 15 years later.

Oh, the stories I could tell about the cruises I took with friends throughout our twenties and early thirties! Starting around 1995 right up until 2001, I cruised on Carnival nearly every year with friends, and did we have a good time! (Such a good time, in fact, that when we showed up on a cruise one [Read On]

I’m Sailing….Sailing Away

Today is the day. The day that has got me through this dreadful winter. Through 70+ inches of snow and who knows how days of many sub-zero weather. (Ok, Tom Skilling from WGN probably knows, but whatever.) Through the down coat, the pale, dry winter skin and hair electrified by static. I’m in Florida. Port [Read On]

River Cruising: On to Avignon, Pont-du-Gard and Chateauneuf-du-Pape

Tuesday morning of our river cruise holiday on the River Royale found us in Avignon – from our stateroom, we could see the walls of the old city. This morning, our goal was to visit the Palace du Popes. The cobblestones in the streets were lovely (and a bit treacherous for my poor foot, and [Read On]

River Cruising: Bienvenue a Arles

No longer lost in my laundry room, hidden in laundry, I’m quite missing the River Royale and the first class service we received. I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and pick through the gazillions (that is a real number) of photos I took and have a little look back over the trip, as [Read On]

River Cruising, Family Style

I am an avid cruiser. In my late twenties, I started cruising with a group of friends. We took our first few trips on Carnival, but shortly moved on to Royal Caribbean. I introduced my soon-to-be husband to cruising a year or so before we were married, and then took a hiatus while we started [Read On]

Anchors Away!

My bags are packed, the dog is at the kennel, the house sitter has the keys, and I’m ready for some sunshine. Tomorrow we head off to the (hopefully) sunny south of France for a different sort of holiday: a river cruise. I am sure some fantastic online French lessons (click here for more information) [Read On]

The Gallery: A Happy Memory

My recent “9/11” post ended on a positive note, as does this week’s Gallery theme, as so eloquently described by Tara at Sticky Fingers that I can only quote her: “So as the world marks 9/11 let’s look for the good. Let’s shine a bright light. This week’s Gallery theme is: A Happy Memory. It’s as [Read On]

Little Does He Know….

Today, during our fashionably late Spanish lunch, Boo looked thoughtful as he sampled a slice of Pea’s margarita pizza. He had already polished off half a bowl of pasta, which he quite accurately described as tasting like “Mimi’s pasta” – or, more precisely, like the sauce from the long closed Len-Rico’s Restaurant in my hometown, [Read On]

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