On Not Living In the Moment

This past weekend, my alma mater Illinois State played North Dakota State in the Football Championship Subdivision title game here in the Dallas area. It was the first ISU football game I have attended in 24 years. Twenty four years. gulp And that wasn’t even the bit that caused a whole lot of contemplation and reflection [Read On]

No Grudges Here

There are many things you can say about me, but one thing you’ll never say is “Boy, can she hold a grudge.” I’ve never been able to hold a grudge, not even when I am really, really mad. Not even when I’m never going to speak to them again, not ever mad. Seriously. I once worked for a [Read On]

It’s Official. I’m Old. Technology said so.

I will be the first to admit that I’m not up on the latest technology present in television sets. Oh, sure – I was quick to try out the iPod, the iPad, the now gone Flip camera (which I STILL use, mostly because I misjudged the amount of storage needed on my iPhone so I can barely [Read On]

On Putting Myself First . Or Fifty-second.

I suck at putting myself first. Or second. Or fifty-second, for that matter. Is this a mom thing? Or just me. As I lay on the table at my physical therapy appointment on Wednesday, the therapist attacking my leg (technically, my iliotibial band, which I still haven’t actually located anatomically yet) with what looks like [Read On]

Seasonal Ineffective Disorder

I have a confession to make: I didn’t decorate my house for Easter. Or for Valentine’s Day. Or Thanksgiving. Or Halloween. Let me rephrase that: I didn’t decorate much. As in, I put out a themed candy dish filled with appropriately colored M&M’s, ate them all myself, then didn’t refill out of guilt. I also [Read On]

I’m Irish. But Don’t Kiss Me.

In Chicago, everyone wants to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. The Chicago River is dyed green, the revelers line the streets (and pubs), “The Unicorn Song” is over-played enough on jukeboxes in Irish pubs that I’m certain the bar managers are left wishing they’d unplugged the dreaded thing on the 16th. Enough green beer [Read On]

Haircut Blues

I really need a haircut. And when I say “I really need a haircut”, that translates to “I haven’t had a haircut in five months”. It’s not that I don’t need a trim every six weeks – I do. The problem is that I still haven’t found a stylist since we moved back to the [Read On]

Bracing for Frustration

Two kids. Two sets of palate expanders at the orthodontist today. Two very different responses. Boo went first. I knew he was apprehensive about it but he seemed relaxed and not-stressed as we walked into the orthodontist’s office. At the end of the visit he opened his mouth wide to show me the green and [Read On]

No Naps For Me

I am not a napper. Even when my kids were babies, and people would insist “sleep when your baby sleeps”, the reality was that I could not nap. Even as sleep deprived as a new mom can get. No dice. If I DO fall asleep, I awake feeling shaky and hung over. I have high [Read On]

Sugar Gets Her Kajizzled

“I can’t have any candy or cake until spring!” my daughter’s friend announced quite matter-of-factly in response to my daughter’s offer of a piece of cake. “When I eat sugar, it makes me crazy! I get all kajizzled!” This is no surprise, as she is a very energetic little girl all on her own (to [Read On]

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