On Accomplishments, Goals, and Donuts

On the internet, the question has been (repeatedly) raised: “There’s only ONE MONTH left in the decade. What are your accomplishments? “ This question has been weighing on my mind, and perhaps if it had been worded differently, as in “what have you done” versus “what are your accomplishments”, it wouldn’t niggle at me so [Read On]

One Word for 2019: Re-Engage

Resolutions? Pffft. Not this girl. Give me One Word to focus on. I am not the girl for resolutions. Like most, I burst out of the gate with enthusiasm and energy…and then by March, those resolutions are cast aside like the photos from 2013 I printed in 2015 that still wait to be placed lovingly [Read On]

Surrender (Or, When a Tweezer Leads You Astray)

Forget it. I give up. I surrender. Some days, my focus is there and I can write like a demon. Other days? There’s a chin hair that I keep playing with. And my desk is cluttered. And I have words in my head that are coming out all wrong, or not at all. I stare [Read On]

Post-Election Thoughts on Escape

I woke up this morning to election results I could hardly grasp. My Twitter feed is alternately angry, gloating, ugly…and full of blog posts along the lines of “How to Manage Thanksgiving”, “The Best Cookie Recipe, Ever” or “Ways to Save”. And while my initial reaction to the latter was to feel a bit incredulous, [Read On]

Birds of Paradise Exhibit at the Perot Museum

*I was invited to a media day preview of the Birds of Paradise exhibition at the Perot Museum.* I love checking out what is new at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science- it is a guilty pleasure to sneak downtown while the kids are in school and wander on my own. Yes, the kids [Read On]

How I Make Catch-Up Time Easy as Pie

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TrythePie #CollectiveBias I don’t know about you, but it seems like everyone I know is seriously over-scheduled these days. I’m even guilty of it. My kids are busy with homework and after-school activities, and when they aren’t busy [Read On]

On Swimsuit Shopping and other Mortifications

My new neighborhood is rife with the activity of new pools being built and existing pools being serviced, signs that summer is approaching. Which, in turn, means I will have to put on a swim suit. Confession #1: I hate swim suit shopping. I would rather walk barefoot through a pit of Legos while listening [Read On]

Bucking Tradition

“So…where are we going on vacation this summer?” was the question that kicked off our dinner conversation earlier this week. Um, yes…vacation. About that. What to do and where to go are the questions that my husband and I have asked each other…without answer. It’s not that we don’t want to go anywhere, it’s more [Read On]

Bunny Tales (and Feet)

I have a sweet, clever, inquisitive (and blessedly) naive daughter. Earlier today, we ran errands in the car which included picking up Easter egg dye (and dyeable cardboard eggs, and chalkboard eggs. Who knew these existed?) Inevitably as it would be for a child whose brain never quits, questions about the Easter bunny arose. “Where does [Read On]

On Not Living In the Moment

This past weekend, my alma mater Illinois State played North Dakota State in the Football Championship Subdivision title game here in the Dallas area. It was the first ISU football game I have attended in 24 years. Twenty four years. gulp And that wasn’t even the bit that caused a whole lot of contemplation and reflection [Read On]

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