I Love Coffee like I #LoveBrewOverIce (and a giveaway!)

I love coffee. I RUN on coffee. (It even says so on my business cards.) What fuels my need/love of coffee is my Keurig. Mine was a Christmas gift from my mom when we moved back to the US. She said she read loads of reviews on sites like GreatCoffeeBrewers to make sure she found [Read On]

Wake-up Call

At 6:02 this morning, I was woken by a nudge in the back and a wet nose in my ear – the dog, looking for her breakfast and a play with the ball. She was terribly persistent, poking at my face with her paw and dropping her ball on my head until I gave up [Read On]

The Gallery: Guilty Pleasures

I’m a simple girl. I have but a few guilty pleasures… I love handbags. REALLY luv handbags. But handbags, especially my beloved Belen Echandias, are a splurge, a very special treat (even though I have only bought them via their sample sales.) On a smaller scale, I love to drive (the 18 or so odd, [Read On]

Project We: When In Vienna

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, correct? So I assume it follows that when in Vienna, do as the Viennese. Which, apparently, is drink coffee and eat cake. Lots of cake.   Lots and LOTS of cake. And ice cream. And not just a simple scoop of ice cream, but masterpieces of sundaes. [Read On]

Coffee is a Food Group. Isn’t it?

Coffee….oh my, how I love coffee. *excuse me while I have a sip* Do you know what I like even better? A latte. Sitting in a cafe or coffee shop. Out of my house. Which probably needs cleaning. It’s funny how some of us need coffee. In the mornings, I can’t function without a big [Read On]

Reflections from a coffee cup

As I’m putting away dishes tonight, I look at our “his and hers” coffee mugs (yes, from Disneyland – it was Paris, at least, don’t judge me) and realize how appropriate the illustrations are on each mug: Mine (the “J”) shows Mickey juggling a ball (he’s not goofing around, he’s juggling – work with me [Read On]

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