Why I Shouldn’t Read Bedtime Stories when I’m Tired

The kidlings have amassed quite a collection of story books. Of course, I had quite a collection before they were even born, one way of clinging on to an old dream of being a children’s picture book illustrator. (These days I rarely sketch, and if Pea asks me to draw something for her, inevitably, it’s [Read On]

Flashback Post: The Way of Girls

I’m taking a well-earned break from blogging (read: the Hubs won’t let me near the computer on my holiday) so I’m posting an excerpt of an early post. I still cringe at the length of this one (from April 2009). And to my UK friends reading this: in the US, “pants” + trousers. Please stop [Read On]

The Case of the Missing Cinderella

Pea has what has now become a rather large collection of Disney Princess dolls. They are small, about the size of Polly Pockets (and just as frustrating when it comes to changing outfits). More frustrating is that they came with “accessories”: Ariel has Flounder, Belle has a tiny Mrs. Potts and Chip, and so on. [Read On]

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