Striking a balance: the myth of Santa and the reality of need

Both of my kids still believe in Santa Claus. Yes, even my nine-year old (much to his grandmother’s surprise) buys into the whole gig, right down to the elf on the shelf. I’m ok with this, because the second the gig is up for him, he will utterly and completely destroy the fantasy for my [Read On]

Meet Holly. She keeps my kids in line and me in Chardonnay.

This was Alfie, our representative elf while we lived in Wales. He was a bit of a troublemaker, which translates to a whopping headache in the creativity department. I say “was”, because Alfie suffered an unfortunate decapitation incident while in transport from the UK to Chicago last December.  My dad performed emergency “surgery”, but despite [Read On]

There’s Something So WRONG about a Baby on a Scooter

You know there is always that one toy on your child’s list that you just don’t want to buy: it’s too obnoxious, it’s too stupid for words…or because you know, in the long run, it will probably get forgotten in the corner. Or by the front door. Whatever. Pea had a few of these items [Read On]

Hounds and Red Coats and Horses…oh my!

10:45 on the town clock in Hay signals the gathering of horses and riders for the annual Boxing Day meet. While the government’s ban on fox-hunting still remains, across the country riders gathered for (legal) Boxing Day meets and rides across the countryside.  Whatever your opinion on the hunt, you must admit that this was [Read On]

Christmas in My House

Okaaayyyyy…so there are about a gazillion blog posts rehashing Christmas….but since my family is far, far away, and not everyone is on Facebook, humor me a little, ‘kay? My kidlings blessed us with the gift of sleep – surprisingly, they didn’t wake us up until about 7 am, which I’m still not sure if I [Read On]

The Gallery: Christmas of Yesteryear

Seeing as how all of my old albums are in storage in Chicago, the oldest of my photos date back to what I have in digital format. For this week’s Gallery theme, “Christmas of Yesteryear”, I am only going back a few years… This is Christmas, 2007. Pea was 1-1/2, and this was the magical [Read On]

Taking a Pass

So…I’ve been absent. *ahem* I did have the flu. A brief bout. And then I had: The Christmas Play. Ok, plays. Plural. Now, the Christmas Play is always a big event, but I’m told the Welsh take particular pride in theirs. Honestly, Broadway musicals are probably opened with less rehearsals than what go on at [Read On]

Several trees will be killed this Christmas. I’m sure natural resources were wasted in the writing of this post, too. Sorry.

This year, as always, I am mailing out Christmas cards. I’m sure a few trees were felled in sacrifice. No, it’s not very “green”. Yes, it is wasteful. I apologize for making people feel guilty for throwing out the cards at the end of the holiday. (Trust me, I’m not offended.) It does take up [Read On]

She’s No Angel

Oh, she looks like an angel. Don’t let that halo fool you. She has a temper. Right after the photo was taken, the Hubs asked her if she wanted to go outside to play a little footie with him and her brother. I told her that she had to change out of her Christmas play [Read On]

The Countdown Begins…

…and by countdown, I mean: ONLY 53 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! *don’t hate me* I love Christmas as much as the next person, but drives me mad to see the tins of chocolates that one associates with Christmas here out at the same time as the Halloween costumes (which was all put on clearance on the [Read On]

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