How to Pack a Happy Lunch for a Picky Eater

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc, and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #HorizonLunch #CollectiveBias   I have an incredibly picky eater. When we lived in the UK, the school lunch meals were nearly all from scratch, and peer pressure was something that worked in our favor as Miss M would [Read On]

Bracing for Frustration

Two kids. Two sets of palate expanders at the orthodontist today. Two very different responses. I know that orthodontists appointments can be uncomfortable, all that poking and prodding, ouch! Plus, it’s not too easy on me either. Watching my babies in discomfort and also footing the bill. The cost of braces isn’t exactly cheap but [Read On]

In Her World….

Last night at dinner, the kids were making up stories. Pea begain with “I’m a princess…” and Boo interrupted with “You always say you’re a princess…but you’re not a princess!!!!” to which Pea primly replied, “In my world, I am!!!” Gotta love that girl….

So Why Can’t She Remember to Turn Off Her Bedroom Light?

The other day,  as I was loading up the dishwasher I noticed Pea gazing at me thoughtfully. “Mummy…” she began. I put the last plate in the drawer and turned to listen to her. She had “the look” on her face – the one she wears when she has contemplating something and I was curious [Read On]

Willy…or Won’t He?

My daughter is very proud of her latest crafty creation… Um…a dog? No – it’s a dragon, right?? No… It’s an alien. A boy alien. * * * * * “That’s its willy”, she announces. I squint. “um..this?” “No, Mummy! That’s his leg. THIS is his willy!” Silly mummy. I didn’t ask her why she [Read On]

The Gallery: Christmas of Yesteryear

Seeing as how all of my old albums are in storage in Chicago, the oldest of my photos date back to what I have in digital format. For this week’s Gallery theme, “Christmas of Yesteryear”, I am only going back a few years… This is Christmas, 2007. Pea was 1-1/2, and this was the magical [Read On]

Moments in Bad Parenting

Yes, this weekend I had yet another moment in bad parenting. It wasn’t my first. Sadly, despite best efforts, it likely won’t be my last. I know I’m not alone. We’ve all had our moments. Mine started when my children were babes – I had such a hard time getting them to sleep at night. [Read On]

Day 10 of Giving Thanks: My Children’s Imaginations

Today, I am thankful for the wonderful, colorful, wacky and creative imaginations of my children. Reading their words, looking at their drawings, listening to their made-up songs (whether sung off-key in lovely tune), or watching Pea dance around the garden (with or without a stuffed animal/princess dress/fairy wings) lifts my spirits, and reminds me of [Read On]

A Brief Question for a Tuesday Morning

It’s only 8:30 on the second day of school, and already, I’m eyeballing the Baileys. Has it ever crossed your mind that the tantrums you endure could be a harbinger of something worse to come? Like being killed in your sleep, suffocated by a stuffed unicorn named Pinky? Yeah, me neither. I don’t know what [Read On]

The Simplicity of Childhood

This afternoon, after checking in at our hotel and wandering out for a bite to eat, we went for a walk in the neighborhood. After a morning of travel with a lot of “behave…or else” threats hanging over their heads, the kidlings needed to blow off some steam. We found a lovely park with a [Read On]

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