Cake Hell…here we go again

Last week I baked and (badly) decorated not one but TWO cakes for Pea’s birthday – one for the family, to be eaten on the big day, and one for her party. I couldn’t do any less for Boo, and like his sister, he is consistent. Once again, HE wanted a tractor cake.  (Seriously, I [Read On]

I Should Have Stopped While I Was Ahead (or, I’m Blaming it on the Kid)

Friday was my daughter’s birthday….and, as I posted previously, at her request, I baked her a doll cake. I am by no means a professional. I don’t even think I qualify as a hobbyist, since I only pull out the icing tips for the kidlings’ birthdays.  Anyhoo, from my very adult, type-A and perfectionist viewpoint, [Read On]

Next Year, I’m Buying a Cake. Really.

For the fourth year running, Pea has asked for a doll cake. Heaven help me. It wouldn’t be so bad if I had any discernible talent at cake decorating. Unfortunately, like many other things, while I have excellent ideas and great enthusiasm, I have very little natural ability. In fact, the primary reason why I [Read On]

What To Do On A Rainy Summer Day, or, “Sugar Anyone?”

This morning, as it rained buckets, I wasn’t much in the mood to leave the house, so I baked a batch of chocolate cupcakes. When they had cooled, I set out frosting and pretty much every sprinkle, jimmie and Smartie I had in the house, and told the kids to have at it. I knew [Read On]

Project We: When In Vienna

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, correct? So I assume it follows that when in Vienna, do as the Viennese. Which, apparently, is drink coffee and eat cake. Lots of cake.   Lots and LOTS of cake. And ice cream. And not just a simple scoop of ice cream, but masterpieces of sundaes. [Read On]

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