Writer’s Workshop: Big Fat Focaccia Fail

I’ve been so good. Drinking my water and eating my veggies and fruit.   Trying to stay away from the candy dish. Saying “NO” to the luring call of the afternoon cake or a biscuit (that’s a cookie) with my tea.   Hopping around my sitting room to “Just Dance 2” (extra points for ducking [Read On]

Bread Lust

It was only the second day of Lent, and I fell off of the sacrificial wagon already. I was working my way through the farmer’s market last Thursday, putting together the evening meal and thought “I need some good crusty bread”. Never mind that I gave up bread for Lent. The sauce that goes on [Read On]

Meal Fail

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who ate all sorts of wonderful things. BOWLS of broccoli for dinner. Grilled chicken. Pork chops. Balsamic-glazed grilled asparagus. (Seriously!) Pasta by the pound. Then, she turned 2-1/2, and started exerting her will over one of the only two things she has control of. (The other [Read On]