Book Review: Execution in E by Alexia Gordon

If you love a good cozy mystery, do I have one for you! I’m back with Lone Star Book Blog Tours to bring you Execution in E, the newest book from one of my favorite cozy mystery authors, Alexia Gordon, who has one of the most fun and unique amateur sleuths, Gethsemane Brown. If you [Read On]

Book Review: Out of the Embers by Amanda Cabot

I needed a riveting story to escape into and historical fiction author Amanda Cabot has just the book! Today I’m reviewing Out of the Embers, the first of a new series for author Cabot. It had a little bit of everything to offer, and I loved it! Read on to learn more about the book [Read On]

Book Review: Chasing the White Lion by James R Hannibal

I’m not gonna lie – I was itching to grab a copy of James R. Hannibal’s recent release Chasing the White Lion and join in on this blog tour with Lone Star Lit. Chasing the White Lion is the exciting sequel to The Gryphon Heist, and it did NOT disappoint. If you are a fan [Read On]

Book Review: The Wish List by Ruby Hummingbird

I generally have a knee jerk reaction any time a book publisher provides a description that reads “A charming page-turner” or “the feel-good book of the year”. It tends to set up some pretty high expectations that quite often aren’t met. However, in the case of The Wish List (or as my cover reads: The [Read On]

Book Review: Wicked As You Wish by Rin Chupeco

If you are looking for something different, WICKED AS YOU WISH is the YA novel for you. Blending alternative history, contemporary fantasy, and fairy tales, author Rin Chupeco has crafted a wild adventure. This is a very different book from her other, darker stories, and one that you will likely read more than once as [Read On]

Book Review: Sitting on a Fortune by Becki Willis

SITTING ON A FORTUNEThe Sisters, Texas Book 9 by BECKI WILLIS Genre: Cozy Mystery / Romance / Women SleuthsPublisher: Clear Creek PublishingDate of Publication: February 11, 2020Number of Pages: 228 Scroll down for giveaway of SITTING ON A FORTUNE! Hidden fortune. Hidden danger.  Madison Reynolds deCordova is about to uncover a dangerous secret…literally. During In a Pinch [Read On]

Book Review: Been There, Married That by Gigi Levangie

If you’re looking for a fun, totally over-the-top beach read that is an outlandish take on Hollywood life, Gigi Levangie’s book Been There, Married That is for you. While it had a few bumps at the start, I could easily overlook it for the snark and the fun. Many thanks to NetGalley for providing me [Read On]

Book Review: Don’t Read the Comments by Eric Smith

I’m not a gamer. That didn’t stop me from loving a feisty, engaging tale titled DON’T READ THE COMMENTS. I rooted for Divya and Aaron through their trials online and off. Many thanks to NetGalley for providing me with an advance copy. Some links in this post are affiliate links that earn me a commission [Read On]

Review: Finding Esme by Suzanne Crowley

I’m delighted to share the Middle-Grade book FINDING ESME. From the pretty cover design on the outside to the engaging, warm-hearted (and sometimes heart-tugging) story on the inside, this was a book that I wasn’t ready to put down. Read on to find out what about this book reeled me in and enter the giveaway [Read On]

Book Review: The Return by Rachel Harrison

I took a break from all the historical fiction I’ve been reading and grabbed an ARC (thank you NetGalley) of Rachel Harrison’s upcoming release titled The Return. This was one seriously creepy work of horror. Read on to see why this one had me rethinking some upcoming hotel choices. Some links in this post are [Read On]