Happy 7th Birthday to My Son

Dear Boo, Happy Birthday, my sweet boy! How could 7 years have flown by so quickly? When you came into the world, you looked so much like your Daddy that the nurses call you his little “Mini-me”, although time has shown that while you look like your daddy, you are a lot like me… The firstborn, [Read On]

Flashback Friday – The Last Ballgame

It was July 2009, and only a day or two before we left our house outside of Chicago to move to the UK. It was also Boo’s first season of playing t-ball – and his only, as by the time we move back, he’ll be old enough to play Little League baseball. I’m hoping, for [Read On]

Make Me Laugh Monday – What Turns My Stomach

I consider myself to have a fairly strong stomach. I have changed fully blown out diapers that leave poo up my then-baby son’s back and down his legs, with a stench strong enough to strip wallpaper. I have cleaned regurgitated sheep poo off of my lovely sitting room area rug. I have caught vomit in [Read On]

The Things We Teach Our Kids

So, Boo is a thirsty kind of guy. He drinks a lot. Which, you know, means that he needs to pee. Frequently. And his timing? Well, it’s less than perfect. Just ask my husband, who generally is asked to bring Boo to the loo approximately 30 seconds after our meal has been delivered to our [Read On]

Project We: New

Today, we are embarking on a new adventure. The prompt for this first week is “new”- an appropriate one for the first week of a new year. To start us off, Boo (who became pretty upset that I was referring to him as “Boo” here – but hey, it’s my blog) drew a picture of [Read On]

Project We: And so it begins

I am a blogger. My kids know this. So far, they haven’t asked to read it. I am about to venture into new, scary territory. I’m embarking on an adventure….with Boo. Project We. Project We is the product of my blogger friend/idol Jenny and her daughter Olivia’s inspiration, a method of togetherness on the interwebz, [Read On]

Locker Room Drama

There are so many things in parenthood that you are never really prepared for, especially as a mother.  One recent conversation that Boo had with the Hubs was really heartbreaking….and a little funny. It seemed like something was bothering him. He finally confessed to the Hubs that, earlier that day when changing after school swimming [Read On]

I’m Not Supermom?

At bedtime, when there are no distractions like little sisters and bouncing/weeing/nipping puppies, Boo and I tend to have our best conversations. Last night’s was rolling along, when Boo expressed some (now-forgotten) concern. And that’s when everything went downhill. <scene: Boo’s bedroom. Aaaand….action!> Me: It’s okay, sweetie – I’m “Supermom”! Boo: Um, no, not really. [Read On]

Q.O.T.N. – Alphabet Soup

Boo’s “question of the night”: “Mom, why did they make a “C” and a “K”? I mean, do we really need two letters that sound like “keh”????” Aaaandd…there’s that expectant look that I dread, the one that says “Mom, you have the answer to everything”. Shitballs. The boy really knows how to dumb down his [Read On]

Make Me Laugh Monday – Deep Thoughts, or how I Once Again Fail to Rise to the Occasion in Parenting

Last night, snuggling with Boo at bedtime, he hit me with yet another deep philosophical question: “Mommy, why did God make bears”? He meant bears-in-the-wild, not the Chicago Bears. Just to clarify. Being a Bears fan, and all. Curious, I said: Why do you ask that? He says: Bears kill people. I say: So do [Read On]