Silent Sunday

I Hope He Was Only Expecting Coal in his Stocking

Yesterday Boo and I messed around with the Photo Booth app on my Mac. After a while, he peered at the screen, critically eyeing my image and particularly, my hair. “Mom, remember when your hair was short?” “I do, Boo.” “It didn’t look so nice then.” * crickets chirping * * * * * * [Read On]

Taking the Sting Out

Earlier this week the neighboring farmer came down our lane with the hedge trimmer and trimmed the hedgerow. This was very good for the paint job on my car. Unfortunately, it also exposed some massive wasps nests in the ground under some of the hedges. And when I say massive, I mean MASSIVE. Hubcap sized, [Read On]

Silent Sunday


Little Does He Know….

Today, during our fashionably late Spanish lunch, Boo looked thoughtful as he sampled a slice of Pea’s margarita pizza. He had already polished off half a bowl of pasta, which he quite accurately described as tasting like “Mimi’s pasta” – or, more precisely, like the sauce from the long closed Len-Rico’s Restaurant in my hometown, [Read On]

All I Said Was “Pie Hole”

Boo has THE best laugh. The BEST. It’s infectious, too. Really, truly infectious. Always has been. When he was in preschool, his teacher used to tell me that they loved his laugh, but everyone else would start laughing with him, and they’d lose total control of the class…and then have to turn their backs, so [Read On]

Mommy Fail #602

Last week, Boo broke his wrist. He did this at school, on a Wednesday morning. At first play. About 10 a.m. I took him to A&E. On Thursday morning. About 10 a.m. After Pea’s class assembly. (He made it through the night, didn’t he? What was one more hour? *face palm*) To be fair, his [Read On]

Silent Sunday

Pillow Talk: Papa’s Jet Pack

My bedtime conversations with Boo are meandering paths through his fascinating little mind. Tonight’s conversation veered from Wii games, to the size of Aunt Jill’s TV (“ginormous”) and how he thought they got it to their house (“Uncle Bob’s grain truck”). I mentioned that Papa had bought a new TV and removed the shelves on [Read On]

Make Me Laugh Monday – A Proper Cake

Every year for Pea’s birthday, I typically make a doll cake for her. You may remember the photo from last year’s cake, which, clearly, isn’t going to get me a job at Charm City Cakes or Choccywoccydoodah anytime soon, but it tasted damn good. This year, once again, she requested one….for her friend party, and [Read On]

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