A Letter to my Son on his Eleventh Birthday

Dear Boo, Yes, I know you think you are getting too old to be called “Boo”, but in my mind and in my heart you are my little man even though you can almost look at me eye to eye. When did YOU get so big? I know this past year has been a tough one [Read On]

Thoughts on Change: A Guest Post

From the Momma: Oy, change. It’s something we’ve been talking a lot about lately in this momma’s house. The past 18 months have definitely had their highs and lows as we’ve adjusted from life in the UK and back into American life. When you move abroad, you think about all you have to adapt TO [Read On]

A Letter to My Son on his 10th Birthday

Under the category of “bad mom”, I can add another tick mark. I had written Boo’s birthday post in advance and scheduled it as we’d be traveling on his birthday and I didn’t want to forget to post it. Unfortunately, something went wonky and it didn’t publish as planned.  My apologies, big guy. The fault [Read On]

A Letter to my Son on his 9th Birthday

  To my wonderful son, See that gray hair on my head? Yes, child, YOU gave that to me, likely during our last round of math homework. You are so used to things coming easily to you that when something is a struggle, or confuses you, you get FRUSTRATED. Really, really frustrated. With yourself, and [Read On]

Silent Sunday

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A Letter to My Son on His Eighth Birthday

Dear Boo, Today is your 8th birthday – how is this possible? Where has the time gone? It seems just yesterday you were a little guy toddling around the house, shouting “get you – get you” – your way of saying “let’s play chase”. You’re not so little any more! It’s impossible to keep you [Read On]

Silent Sunday


The Gallery: Eyes

See those big brown eyes? They take in everything. EVERYTHING. Not much gets by my boy. It’s a fact that I need to bear in mind a bit more than I have been lately. He sees his sister’s tantrums….but he also sees her getting attention. (It’s negative attention, mind you –  but in his world, [Read On]

I’m glad to see that he’s paying attention.

This term, Boo’s class has been studying the Romans. I’ve been impressed with his enthusiasm for the topic, which extended to the Celts and their struggles against the Roman invasion. He’s learned quite a bit… Watching a wound up Pea in the middle of a tantrum, Boo observed: “Pea fights like a mad Celt, running around [Read On]

Silent Sunday


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