One More BlogHer ’14 Recap

Last week was spent in a mad rush to pack up for our beach trip and so thoughts on last weekend’s BlogHer Conference in San Jose has been swirling and marinating and percolating and other -ings in my head, particularly over our 17 hour drive to where I now sit in North Carolina. While there [Read On]

The Little Moments

It was still warm and sunny for the hour – a sign of the approaching summer. She had been curled up in the old wicker rocking chair on our screened-in porch for a while, lost in a book.  Finishing up the dishes after an early supper, I picked up my own book and headed across [Read On]

Funny or Not, Dayton, Here I Come

One of the first hardcover books I remember truly loving (that wasn’t a children’s classic) was an Erma Bombeck lifted from my mother’s bookshelf.  I was about 10 years old when I read the book – yes, I was a very mature child – but there was something about the dry wit in Erma Bombeck’s [Read On]

I’m Sailing….Sailing Away

Today is the day. The day that has got me through this dreadful winter. Through 70+ inches of snow and who knows how days of many sub-zero weather. (Ok, Tom Skilling from WGN probably knows, but whatever.) Through the down coat, the pale, dry winter skin and hair electrified by static. I’m in Florida. Port [Read On]

Conquering Fears

I am not a very strong public speaker. Let me rephrase that. The thought of standing in front of a group of people and speaking makes my gut churn. I fear saying something stupid and embarrassing myself. So when my son’s teacher asked me to talk to his class about blogging, I died just a [Read On]

NaBloPoMo and the Pressure of Posting Daily

Confession time: I’m terrible at keeping up with any kind of daily challenge. For example: As much as I love photography and Instagram, I have yet to complete a full month of FatMumSlim‘s Photo-a-day challenges. At best, I will remember to take eight or nine photos for the challenge. Total. (And I love the idea [Read On]

Catching up, on how I’m a wuss, and what-have-you.

Hey, there. :waves: Oh, I’ve how missed you all. How I’ve missed my teensy tiny little old blog.  Where do I start? It’s been a crazy few months: the never-ending kitchen renovation was completed, officially, last week, praise Jesus. My chronic “seriously-I-don’t-have-the-plague” cough – which is far past tiresome – is finally getting a more serious [Read On]

This is Not My BlogHer13 Post.

Last Sunday I returned from a weekend in Chicago and the BlogHer ’13 conference. It was an AMAZING weekend, and I returned tired but exhilarated, motivated and enthusiastic. After a week of moving house, then a week traveling overseas to return to go to Blogher, I was excited to get back to blogging! I was [Read On]

On Visiting the UK, A Realization, and BlogHer13.

As I write tonight, I'm sitting in the back garden of the holiday let we've rented in Wales. The house is not familiar, but the surroundings are: the bells ringing at St. Mary's Church, now next door instead of across town. The utter lack of the sound of cars, just voices carrying softly as people [Read On]

Fill in the Blank Friday – the Late Night Version

  Lauren over at “The Little Things We Do” has introduced a new format to her “Fill in the Blank” Friday meme, so here we go: …blogging is a creative outlet for me. What started out as a way to simply share the milestones and memories of my then very small babes with far-flung family [Read On]

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