One Word for 2019: Re-Engage

Resolutions? Pffft. Not this girl. Give me One Word to focus on. I am not the girl for resolutions. Like most, I burst out of the gate with enthusiasm and energy…and then by March, those resolutions are cast aside like the photos from 2013 I printed in 2015 that still wait to be placed lovingly [Read On]

What Is Worse than Bad Spam? This Spam.

Like any blog, mine receives a lot of spam, and for this reason I’m eternally grateful for an excellent spam filter.  It’s probably safe to say that 3% comes from companies trying to get me to use their services to improve my Google ranking,  1% asking to post content on my site, and the remaining [Read On]

Changes, They Are A’Comin’ (To This Blog)

It’s time to shake things up here and I have big plans for the blog. After 9 years of blogging as Momma on the Rocks, I’m going to be getting a new name and a new look, and refining my focus just a skosh. This will remain a lifestyle blog, but with a stronger focus [Read On]

Today is My 8th Blogiversary

When I picked up my phone this morning, a calendar notice popped up. It simply said “Blogiversary (2008)”. That’s right, today is my blogiversary: the blog is officially 8 years old. I think that makes it about 64 in blog years, because in the blogging world, that’s pretty ancient, and reasonably accurate, because in general, it is [Read On]

Simplifying my Blogging with CoSchedule

This post is for all my blogging peeps. I’ll be back with my usual content for the masses tomorrow. You know, I started blogging over seven years ago. SEVEN. Bloggers who are just starting out now have no idea how easy they have it. They can just search for an ecwid web hosting review at [Read On]

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration goes to Austin

We can all use a little “pixie dust” in our lives. Last week, mine came via an invitation to attend the 2015 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration “On the Road” event in Austin, Texas. The half-day workshop offered an opportunity to network with fellow bloggers from around Texas (and some beyond), learn about what’s new and exciting [Read On]

Sunday Roundup

It’s Sunday and a day of rest (at least that’s my excuse for not folding the laundry) and I’m extending that to blogging. And poop-picking upping. The dog’s poop, to clarify. My kids aren’t THAT lazy. Since I feel like I’m kind of on a one-week roll with the blog (for a change), here is [Read On]

Spreading Compassion

Most days, I hate to turn on the morning news. I have sensitive kids, and while I can’t hide them from the pain and hatred and destruction that exists in the world outside, I also don’t need to serve up beheadings and shootings and acts of war with their breakfast Cheerios. I can barely handle [Read On]

My One Word: Thrive

Hello, friends, and Happy New Year! We rang in the new year in our new home here in Texas – a new home, new school, new start. I’m happy for fresh starts, you know, despite how I usually drag my feet at the idea of change. Think of that pristine spiral bound notebook at the start of the [Read On]


I’ve been struggling to make posting a priority in the midst of all the stress and the chaos and the house showing and the Bubble Mania (because, seriously, that’s about all the concentration that I can maintain of late) and so of course I decided the best way to handle it is to sign up for [Read On]

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