A Letter to My Son on his 14th Birthday

Another birthday has come and nearly passed, and I bet you thought I’d forget your letter for your 14th birthday  – not because I didn’t remember, but because I’m so ridiculously disorganized this year that I’d not squeeze it into the day. (You would very nearly be correct. But here it is.) You have changed [Read On]

A Letter To My Son on his 13th Birthday

Normally I write this annual post to my kiddo, but this year, my sweet husband wrote him a letter, and it’s so lovely that I’m posting it here instead. And not because my kiddo could misplace the actual letter at some point in time, because of course he won’t.  Dear Sam, Happy 13th birthday! Time has gone far too [Read On]

A *Belated* Letter to my Daughter on her 11th Birthday

Her birthday now and forever (while we are in this school district) falls during spring break – and this year, the resort wifi was unsecured and a bit problematic, so this post is late but well-intentioned. Dear Maddie, Happy 11th birthday, sweet girl. Every time I look at you, I marvel at the young woman [Read On]

Girls’ Night Gift Basket

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #HolidayPairings #CollectiveBias  The following content is intended for readers who are 21 and older. * * * What makes this girl happy? Chocolate. Cookies. (Chocolate cookies? Even better.) Good wine. Some lovely cheese and delicious crackers to nibble [Read On]

A Letter to my Son on his Eleventh Birthday

Dear Boo, Yes, I know you think you are getting too old to be called “Boo”, but in my mind and in my heart you are my little man even though you can almost look at me eye to eye. When did YOU get so big? I know this past year has been a tough one [Read On]

A Letter to My Daughter on her 9th Birthday

[We were on vacation earlier this week when I wrote this…and it didn’t post.] My dear Sweet Pea, I cannot believe that you are turning nine years old today! Each and every day, you amaze me with your curiosity, your joy, your boundless energy…and your tenacity. (Some would call it stubbornness.) Last month you went [Read On]

On the best laid birthday plans

Ah, the best laid plans…. You see, I am actually NOT a fan of breakfast in bed. Ok, I’m not a fan of breakfast in my OWN bed. Crumbs, spills, a comforter too big to fit into my washing machine. You know who has to clean that shit up? (Never mind the kitchen.) Yes, me. [Read On]

On Birthdays, Friendships and Tutus

My son won’t appreciate any mention of him in a  post about tutus. But this isn’t as much about tutus as it is about acceptance and friendship, so bear with me. Yesterday we hosted belated birthday parties for both of my kids.  I knew that the big guy wouldn’t be thrilled to have his little [Read On]

A Letter to My Son on his 10th Birthday

Under the category of “bad mom”, I can add another tick mark. I had written Boo’s birthday post in advance and scheduled it as we’d be traveling on his birthday and I didn’t want to forget to post it. Unfortunately, something went wonky and it didn’t publish as planned.  My apologies, big guy. The fault [Read On]

On Turning Eight: A Letter for my Daughter on her Birthday

A creak in the floor. A giggle. The sound of footsteps creeping down the stairs, much too late after a bedtime that was already later than normally allowed. Two eight-year-old faces peek around the doorway, hoping for a late night snack. Ok, one eight-year-old face, and one just hours away from turning eight. You are [Read On]