Why I Shouldn’t Read Bedtime Stories when I’m Tired

The kidlings have amassed quite a collection of story books. Of course, I had quite a collection before they were even born, one way of clinging on to an old dream of being a children’s picture book illustrator. (These days I rarely sketch, and if Pea asks me to draw something for her, inevitably, it’s [Read On]

Pillow Talk: Papa’s Jet Pack

My bedtime conversations with Boo are meandering paths through his fascinating little mind. Tonight’s conversation veered from Wii games, to the size of Aunt Jill’s TV (“ginormous”) and how he thought they got it to their house (“Uncle Bob’s grain truck”). I mentioned that Papa had bought a new TV and removed the shelves on [Read On]

Speedy Powers

I think I’ve made mention previously that Princess Pea does things at her own *slow* pace. I’ve seen dust accumulate whilst she brushes her teeth.  We won’t talk about how long it takes for her to have her pre-bedtime wee. Last night (at bedtime, of course) Pea told the Hubs that she has “speedy powers” [Read On]

Exercise much?

With the intent of warding off another early-morning meltdown, I warned Pea at bedtime that I might get up early to exercise and so I wouldn’t be in MY bed if she came looking for me for a morning snuggle. (She typically crawls into our bed at early o’clock, fights for space, then tosses and [Read On]

She’s Not Always a Princess, or, It’s Just Semantics.

One Sunday morning during the first few months we were married, the Hubs and I were sitting in church, watching the adorable little girl in the pew in front of us. She was hugging on her dad when she leaned back, her arms around his neck — and head-butted him. Hard. The Hubs grinned widely. [Read On]

Make Me Laugh Monday – Deep Thoughts, or how I Once Again Fail to Rise to the Occasion in Parenting

Last night, snuggling with Boo at bedtime, he hit me with yet another deep philosophical question: “Mommy, why did God make bears”? He meant bears-in-the-wild, not the Chicago Bears. Just to clarify. Being a Bears fan, and all. Curious, I said: Why do you ask that? He says: Bears kill people. I say: So do [Read On]

Things that Go Bump

Last night, the Hubs and I sat having a drink and watching a movie. Typical Saturday night, right? From somewhere in the house, we heard a “thump”. The Hubs thought it sounded like a door closing. I went upstairs, poked my head in both rooms. No one was moving….I came back downstairs. “It sounded like [Read On]

Deep Thoughts from a Kindergardener

Late the other night, as I snuggled with Boo at bedtime, he asked me “where do people go when they die? I mean, they go to Heaven, but what is Heaven like?” Before I could even ask, he asked “are Coco and Bubbles there?” (my brother’s and parents’ dogs, respectively.) And again, as I started [Read On]

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