I Hope He Was Only Expecting Coal in his Stocking

Yesterday Boo and I messed around with the Photo Booth app on my Mac. After a while, he peered at the screen, critically eyeing my image and particularly, my hair. “Mom, remember when your hair was short?” “I do, Boo.” “It didn’t look so nice then.” * crickets chirping * * * * * * [Read On]

Fill in the Blanks Friday – Let’s Talk Hair

1. My last haircut was a few weeks ago – although, really, it was just a trim. The big job was getting new highlights to replace the summery blond ones I was sporting. 2. My most daring hair moment was my senior year in college (yes, sad). My hair was long, and the french braids [Read On]

The “L” word

I’m a betting gal. And I’m betting you are thinking about a completely different “L” word than I am…. ———————————————— Today I took Pea for a haircut. The stylist is a friend of mine, and as she started trimming, she leaned in, looked at me, then nodded towards Pea’s head. “I’m sorry to say this….” [Read On]

Hair Woes (or, Tragic Haircut, Part Deux)

I have a long-standing love-hate relationship with my hair. Actually, I have a long-standing love-hate relationship with my stylist. Not just this one, mind you – she is a lovely lady, and I have received some rockin’ cuts from her since I’ve been going to her. So why is it – I beg of you, [Read On]

Tragic Haircut

Some people have bad hair days. Me, I seem to have bad hair months. I’ll be honest. I’m one of those women who is uber-sensitive about her hair. I cut it short (for me) when Pea was about one year old. Too many people (for my liking) commented how much YOUNGER I looked without the [Read On]