On Birthdays, Friendships and Tutus

My son won’t appreciate any mention of him in a  post about tutus. But this isn’t as much about tutus as it is about acceptance and friendship, so bear with me. Yesterday we hosted belated birthday parties for both of my kids.  I knew that the big guy wouldn’t be thrilled to have his little [Read On]

Getting Fit

Despite all my best intentions over the past year, my midsection has definitely spread, and somewhere along the way I misplaced my waist. My belts are very confused about where they are supposed to be; I doubt around my neck is the best place, although that is about the only place they fit these days. [Read On]

My Wish for Colin: After the Hoopla, May Real Friendships Emerge

This morning as I packed lunch boxes for my soon to be 8- and 10-year olds, I saw a promo spot on Good Morning America for birthday boy Colin from the “Colin is Eleven” Facebook page. If you missed the spot or aren’t familiar with the Facebook page, the story is inspiring: Colin, a sweet [Read On]

When Grandma Danced the Tarantella….

After the girls had hurriedly exchanged their ballet shoes for tap shoes and raced back to the dance studio in a burst of noise and laughter, Miss M’s ballet teacher flopped down in the chair next to me, laughing at the energy of our three young dancers. Anxious to get details about their Spring show, [Read On]

Embracing My Word for the Year.

The New Year has already arrived, and I’ve been waffling on my WORD OF THE YEAR –  the one word which will sum up my focus for the year. One word. Choosing one word has proven to be difficult for me. I am a list-maker kind of gal, so even though KEEPING resolutions often proves [Read On]

On the Rolling Stones, and Sharing a Passion

  Last night, the Hubs and Boo went to the Rolling Stones concert. This was a big deal for both of them – to say that the Hubs is a HUGE fan would be an understatement, and he has shared his love for the Stones with Boo, and for my nine year old, well, this [Read On]

This Really Is Leading Somewhere…

Tonight the Hubs looked up from his laptop and commented something (because I was reading and not really hearing him) to the effect of “not much to say? You haven’t posted in a while.” Rub it in, man.  I confess, I have a writer’s block of sorts. I have loads of posts in the Draft [Read On]

Make Me Laugh Monday – 80’s, Revisited (Just a stopover, I’m not staying)

Saturday night I dragged the Hubs to an 80’s party. Dressed as Slash. {Note for my mom: Slash was the lead guitarist for Guns ‘N Roses} And yes, we walked there. I’m sure the sight of a guy with shoulder-length hair and a polyester-foam top hat, and aviator glasses – at night – was slighting [Read On]

Fill in the Blank Friday

Hooray for Fridays and the start of the weekend!  The days are getting shorter – the sun is setting so early here – and the weather has been damp, wet, and windy – all perfect motivation for NOT leaving the house, starting a fire in the fireplace and curling up with a good book. None [Read On]

Make Me Laugh Monday – "Yeah, what she said"

I’ve just learned that mah girl Jenny has announced that today is the last official “Make Me Laugh Monday” and I’m all beklempt. But…she’s a busy girl and so I won’t ride her too much for breaking my heart into a million little pieces and stepping on my fun with her red glitter sneakers. Nope, [Read On]

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