The 10-Year Anniversary is…Aluminum

Ten years ago today I married the love of my life. How do you celebrate that?  According to the interwebz, with aluminum, or tin. Wha-huh? Admittedly, this is the traditional gift. (The modern gift is, erm, *ahem* Diamonds.)  But, traditional we are…right down to how we met. Have I told you the story of how [Read On]

The Ninth Year is…Pottery

Apparently, the traditional gift for one’s ninth wedding anniversary is….Pottery. An alternative gift is wicker. (Because, you know, THAT is so much more romantic.) Unless you are in the UK, and then the traditional gift is…copper. Because that is SO much better than pottery, of course. I bring this up because today is our anniversary, [Read On]

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Today is my four year blogiversary!!!!!! *throws confetti* *cuts the cake* That’s right – four years ago today, I started this blog. It was just a wee little blog over on Blogger, started simply as a way to keep a visual record of my growing family (because I’m crap at keeping up with the baby [Read On]

Happy Anniversary to Me (and Hubs)

Gotta get the Hubs in there – it takes two to make a marriage work! Today is our 6 year anniversary! Time has flown by (probably because we have a 5 year old). Yes, go ahead, do the math – we had one of the shortest honeymoon periods on record, I’m sure. Say what you [Read On]

Happy Belated Birthday – my blog is 1 year old!

Shameful, just shameful (hanging my head). My little babe, my blog, turned a year old on May 22 – and I missed it! I can hardly believe that I’ve been blogging for a year, but oh, what a fun year its been, and how many changes? Pea no longer has a baby face (or a [Read On]